5 Best Exercises for Men to Get Rid of Upper Body Fat

To get rid of upper body fat, you need to be aware of exercises that focus on the bigger upper body muscle groups.

The more you work on those muscles, the more effort you will be putting in. As a result, your body will be forced to burn additional calories to generate the energy needed for the extra effort.

That will ensure that the weight loss process gets triggered.

Exercises to Get Rid of Upper Body Fat

Here are five exercises men can focus on to get rid of upper body fat:

1) Bench Press

Chest is one of the bigger muscle groups in the upper body. One of the most common chest exercises is bench press.

To do a bench press, you’ll need a bench and a pair of dumbbells (or barbell). Lie on a bench, and hold the dumbbells with both hands, bringing them beside your chest. Engage your pectoral muscles, and push the dumbbells upwards.

It’s important to engage the muscles properly when you’re doing the exercise, otherwise the triceps or shoulders could take over. You cannot allow your triceps or shoulders to take over as primary.

Here are some other exercises you can do using a bench.


2) Bent Over Row

The next big muscle group you need to focus on to get rid of upper body fat are the lat muscles.

A common compound exercise for lat muscles are bent-over rows. You can use dumbbells or barbells for the exercise. Whatever you use, ensure it’s a weight that enables you to completely engage the lat muscles and let you control the negative as you lower the weight.

You can find a guide for bent-over rows here.


3) Push-up

Bodyweight exercises are important when you want to get rid of upper body fat. An important bodyweight exercise for the chest are push-ups.

A wide-grip push-up works on the pectoral muscles, while a close grip works on the triceps. Moreover, you can add explosive push-ups, jack push-ups, and others to your workout routine as you become stronger.


4) Pull-up

Pull-ups are a bodyweight exercise for the lat muscles. To do pull-ups, you need access to a pull-up bar or anything that allows you to pull yourself against gravity.

Pull-ups are a great way to activate the biceps as well. The short-grip variation works on the biceps, while the wide grip one works on the lats.


5) Burpee

Burpees are a full body workout and are extremely effective if you want to get rid of upper body fat.

You mustn’t ignore burpees just because they can be tiresome to do. In fact, that’s why you should add them to your routine. They will boost your muscle endurance and help you burn calories that will trigger the weight loss process.


Bottom Line

To get rid of upper body fat, combine exercises with a calorie deficit. You cannot lose weight if you’re not in a calorie deficit, and that’s the first step in the weight loss process.

It’s essential to create that deficit and force the body to burn stored calories. Otherwise, the body will continue to store calories.

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