5 best FIFA 23 lengthy players who are overpowered in the new AcceleRATE system

The new AcceleRATE system, introduced as part of Hypermotion 2.0, in FIFA 23 has revolutionized the game and how it’s being played. With features like this, FIFA 23 is by far the most authentic and realistic footballing simulation experience in the history of gaming.


Amongst the new acceleration types included in the AcceleRATE system, fans have quickly discovered that the lengthy type is far more viable in-game than the controlled and explosive types. These players possess incredible physical attributes while also being rapid when covering long distances, making them virtually unstoppable.

This revelation has taken the FIFA community by storm, with gamers rushing to include as many of these lengthy type players in their squad as possible.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer’s opinions.

These are the best players in FIFA 23 who fall under the lengthy category in the new AcceleRATE system

1) Erling Haaland


Erling Haaland has grasped the attention of the footballing world with great performances ever since moving to Manchester City. The reigning Premier League champions have dominated every opponent so far this season, and the Norwegian beast has been the driving force behind their success.

While Haaland has incredible stats in FIFA 23, many thought that he would not be viable in-game. However, with the meta favoring lengthy acceleration-type players, Haaland is possibly the most overpowered attacker in the entire game. His pace, shooting abilities, and sheer domineering presence makes him a threat to any defense.

2) Virgil Van Dijk


Virgil Van Dijk has established himself as an all-time great in the annals of Premier League defenders. The Liverpool centre-back has been key to his side’s success in domestic and European competitions, and his abilities have been accurately replicated in FIFA 23 as well.

Historically, VVD has been amongst the most broken defenders in FIFA, regardless of the meta. However, with the new AcceleRATE system, his in-game effectiveness has been elevated to an unprecedented level. Not only is he the highest rated defender in the game, with an overall rating of 90, he is also amongst the best players when it comes to performance on the virtual pitch.

3) Harry Kane


Despite being the most consistent striker in the Premier League over the past few seasons, few would have predicted how good Harry Kane would be in FIFA 23. The Spurs marksman has historically been unusable in FIFA, despite having impressive overall ratings across various iterations of the series, primarily due to his lack of raw pace.

However, acceleration types have taken precedence over pace in FIFA 23. This means that, even though Kane has only 68 pace on his base version, fans can finally recreate his prolific goalscoring abilities in FIFA with his incredible shooting stats and lengthy acceleration type.

4) Antonio Rudiger


Antonio Rudiger’s stellar performances in defense for Chelsea FC earned him a high-profile transfer to reigning La Liga and Champions League title-holders, Real Madrid. Since his move to the Spanish side, Rudiger has continued to impress, reinforcing the Los Blancos backline with his defensive capabilities.

Similar to Virgil Van Dijk, Rudiger has always been effective in FIFA gameplay. His dominant physical presence and defensive abilities made up for his lack of speed in FIFA titles where pace was the key stat. However, Rudiger has received an impressive upgrade in FIFA 23, with an overall rating of 87 and possessing a pace stat of 82.

This ensures that he is rapid not only on paper, but will feel even quicker in-game as he falls under the lengthy category in the new AcceleRATE system.

5) Paul Pogba


Paul Pogba’s recent struggles and loss of form has been reflected in his FIFA 23 rating and attributes. The French superstar has been heavily downgraded following his move to Juventus from Manchester United, and his underwhelming stats had fans worried that he would be unusable in-game.

Pogba has historically been amongst the most meta and versatile midfielders in FIFA, thanks to his five-star skills, impressive physical stature, and well-rounded attributes. The downgrade has left him with just 67 pace in the latest iteration of the series, jeopardizing his reputation as a desirable player in FIFA.

However, fans will be delighted to know that Pogba falls under the lengthy acceleration category in FIFA 23, meaning that he will retain his viability in-game.

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