“Almost like a badge of honor” – Finn Balor opens up on why the Bullet Club chopped people in public 

Finn Balor has explained why he and his Bullet Club stablemates chopped people in public back in Japan.

Speaking in an interview with SHAK Wrestling, the former Universal Champion looked back at the clip of him alongside Bullet Club chopping the sponsors on a night out.

According to Balor, people enjoyed being chopped by a wrestler and took it almost like a badge of honor:

“So this is in Japan and right before I had moved to WWE. This was kind of like my farewell tour in Japan and what we would do is we would get taken out by these sponsors and for them. it was almost like a badge of honor to get chopped by the wrestlers and feel the pain inflicted by a wrestler. Although this may look like torture, this is actually something that they super enjoy.” [12:23-13:23]

Watch the clip of the Bullet Club chopping the sponsors at a dinner:


Balor is the originator of the Bullet Club faction and founded the group in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

He led the faction for several years before being betrayed by stablemates, The Young Bucks. Following Balor’s departure from NJPW, he was replaced in the group by AJ Styles.

Finn Balor recently opened up on his feud with Roman Reigns from 2021

Finn Balor and Roman Reigns faced each other at Extreme Rules 2021 for the Universal Championship.

The conclusion to the match saw The Demon King get beaten by The Tribal Chief after a rope break spot. Speaking to SHAK Wrestling during the same interview, Balor claimed that he would like to revisit his feud with Reigns.

He hinted that the Demon King might not be done with the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion:

“I still like the finish, kind of left the story open-ended a little bit and I feel we definitely need to readdress that and revisit what happened that night. Going back to how fast things change in WWE, there was a plan to continue that storyline. Things changed with Brock’s return and you know, that was kind of the focus and as a performer, you have to understand that, you know, we’re all cogs in the wheel. But I think there’s definitely a lot of mileage left in the Finn Balor/Demon/Roman Reigns storyline that needs to be addressed,” said Balor [10:30-12:13]

Finn Balor’s next big match in WWE will be against Edge, whom he will face in an “I Quit” Match at Extreme Rules.

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