“Ashwin Anna will feel proud of you girls”- Fans erupt as India’s Deepti Sharma runs out Charlie Dean at non-striker’s end to hand a 3-0 whitewash

Team India whitewashed England for the first time in a Women’s ODI series as they beat the hosts by 16 runs to win the contest 3-0. However, the end was arguably an anti-climax as Deepti Sharma ran out Charlotte Dean at the non-striker’s end for backing up too much.

Many cricket experts and current players like Stuart Broad have termed the run-out as a ‘terrible way’ to end the game. However, Indian fans on Twitter have been standing like a rock behind Deepti and her team as the run-out rule is ‘perfectly within the spirit of the game’.

The 21-year-old Dean was devastated and was inconsolably in tears as she might have dreamt of taking her team over the line. While the fans sympathized with her, they also maintained that there was absolutely nothing out of the rule books that Deepti Sharma did.

Here are some of the reactions:

@sambillings It shouldn’t be difficult for the non striker to stay in their crease til the ball has left the hand…

Know the Laws of Cricket.Know them enough to find every possible loophole. Exploit them to the fullest.Do whatever it takes – but within the Laws. They are sacrosanct.That Spirit of Cricket thing is nothing but noise. It does not matter.And celebrate Maeve Douma.

Need a similar run-out against England in James Anderson’s farewell Test too.

Harmanpreet Kaur: It’s part of the game, we have not done anything new. It shows awareness. I will back my player.(Not verbatim)That’s a six out of the park by India captain.scroll.in/field/1033563/… https://t.co/xcqCcx6UDr

Nicking the ball to first slip and standing your ground as if nothing happened, is actually terrible. A Run-out isn’t. I guess, Match Refree Chris Broad needs to educate his son on the laws of cricket ???? #CricketTwitter #ENGvIND twitter.com/stuartbroad8/s…

Run-out while backing in the non-striker end at the home of cricket – Lord’s by Deepti Sharma. https://t.co/WbLzSJVQ3h

Deepti did an Ashwin here. Whitewash it is, what a match this❤️????????.

Rest of the world: Well done Jhulan.Ashwin: Well done Jhulan, and Deepti.

No, Nasser, India did not lose in controversial fashion.Davies left the crease and paid the price for it. There was NO controversy about it.

Good to see even English batter Charlie Dean in tears for Jhulan. She has inspired cricketers across nations.

Just wanted to state this. About a year ago, Deepti Sharma rang the bell at Lord. Today, she sets the home of cricket on fire with the most controversial dismissal. Amazing ????

Regarding that run out, it’s in rules now, right? So, it’s a fair mode of dismissal. Debate over.

“Shame it finished this way?”Why? Disappointed that Nasser Hussain is agreeing to this. What is wrong with it being the last ball.

Totally agree, it was cheating to take unfair advantage on Charlie Dean’s part. She should have trusted her skills. twitter.com/im_sandipan/st…

Doing *this* at what they call *the home of cricket* is what makes it extra special. Congratulations, team.Cry me a river for all I care.

I agree. They should not have tried to take unfair advantage by leaving the crease.Deepti Sharma is a legend. twitter.com/im_sandipan/st…

I am stunned , but it’s the rule of the game , it is what it is and that’s it #Mankad #ENGvsIND

Cricket played within rules is so much fun to watch. ❤️

Running out at the non-striker’s end without warning at Lord’s is EXACTLY how I would have loved India to win.Absolute legend, Deepti Sharma.Beautiful. Beautiful.

Deepti Sharma the superstar – a perfect end to Jhulan Goswami’s career. https://t.co/eQDSfXvyzA

It’s actually quite simple. Ball comes into play when bowler starts run up. From that moment on as a batter or non striker you’ve to keep your eyes on the ball, if you’re a bit careless, opposition will get you out. And you can get out at either ends. #ENGvIND

Why the hell are you trending Ashwin? Tonight is about another bowling hero @Deepti_Sharma06 ????????

Run out shouldn’t take away the limelight from Team India legend’s career

Although the run-out will be talked about for a long time, another huge moment after the game was when the Indian team took Jhulan Goswami on their shoulders and walked back, giving a tribute to her legendary career.

Goswami’s tally of 255 ODI wickets is outstanding and she will arguably go down as a once-in-a-generation player. Deepti Sharma’s 68 gave the Women in Blue a fighting total of 169. They needed early wickets and that’s exactly what Renuka Thakur and Goswami delivered.

England were rocked early and although they had a few short partnerships in the middle, the bowlers kept chipping away with the wickets. Dean and Davies did threaten to pull off a famous win, but that supposedly controversial end to the game saw the visitors take the series 3-0.

Safe to say that the debates about that run-out aren’t going to stop anytime soon.

Edited by Akshay Saraswat

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