“Bisping believed in him early” – Chael Sonnen says Michael Bisping convinced Audie Attar to manage Conor McGregor and now “isn’t getting his calls returned”

Michael Bisping and Conor McGregor’s online beef has escalated into an ugly public feud. Chael Sonnen explained the origins of the two’s dynamic and why these to-and-fros are not a surprise.

Sonnen spoke on his YouTube channel and described Bisping as the broker between McGregor and his manager and partner, Audie Attar. Attar is the founder of Paradigm Sports, a leading sports management agency amongst top NFL and MMA athletes:

“This whole thing has to do with, Conor [McGregor] broke into the business, Bisping believed in him early. Like Conor had one fight and Bisping was telling people about it. And Bisping met him, and Bisping grabbed him, and pulled him into the fold and set him up with his manager. Bisping introduced him to Audie [Attar] and talked Audie into managing this guy nobody had heard of out of Ireland called McGregor.”

Sonnen continued on why Bisping felt slighted:

“McGregor becomes a big thing, Audie then becomes his partner, not just his manager. Like they go into the whiskey thing together. All of a sudden, Bisping, who introduced them isn’t getting his calls returned promptly. It’s one of those things that’s not gonna sit well with anybody. Not to mention, if this whole relationship, if the genesis of that was me, I’m now a broker. Where’s my cut?”

Watch Chael Sonnen’s full comments on the feud on YouTube:


Conor McGregor lashes out at Michael Bisping

Conor McGregor landed an acting role in the Road House remake alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and recently took a dig at Michael Bisping’s acting work. Bisping’s first reaction to the former UFC lightweight champion’s comments on his acting career was puzzlement.

He then threatened the Irishman and suggested he should keep his bodyguards close should he see Bisping again. He spoke to Anthony Smith about the matter on his podcast Believe You Me:

“Make sure you’ve got your bodyguards around you the next time you come and want to talk some s**t. You little f**k.”

Check out Michael Bisping’s full comments on the incident:


That drew the ire of ‘The Notorious’ even further as he took to Twitter to further rain down insults on Bisping:

“Bisping, you’ll do f**k all, you little sprinter. I’ll cave your head in. S**t fighter, s**t actor. Sirius XM head.”

Although the tweets have now been deleted in typical McGregor fashion, they didn’t elude fans who managed to take screenshots.

Check out screenshots of McGregor’s angry retort to Bisping:

Conor McGregor's deleted tweets responding to Michael Bisping.
Conor McGregor’s deleted tweets responding to Michael Bisping.

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