BTS’ Suga and tennis star Naomi Osaka meet at court-side of NBA Japan

Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka revealed an adorable account of her first-ever encounter with BTS’ Suga this week.

On September 30, Osaka shared on social media the story of her wholesome courtside encounter with the BTS member during the NBA Japan preseason game between the Golden State Warriors and the Washington Wizards.

According to the tennis star, upon seeing the K-pop idol at the courtside, she seized the opportunity and approached him to express her appreciation and love for the track Autumn Leaves, a hugely popular B-side track, composed and produced by the K-pop rapper.

Tennis star Noami Osaka shares fan-girl moment with BTS’ Suga

I don’t know why but that was the one thing I made up my mind to tell him if we ever bumped into each other ????????

On Twitter, Osaka posted a picture of her meeting the idol and added a caption which stated:

“lol so I told Suga that ‘Autumn Leaves’ is a fantastic song,”

She further wrote:

“I don’t know why but that was one thing I made up my mind to tell him if we ever bumped into each other.”

Video footage of the same interaction was also uploaded by the official NBA Japan’s account on Twitter.

Earlier this week, the BTS member, along with NCT’s Yuta, also met basketball legend Stephen Curry and shared a wonderful conversation filled with mutual admiration.

“It’s an honour”: BTS’ Suga on meeting Stephen Curry at NBA Japan

Basketball star Stephen Curry also met the K-pop idol on Thursday. The encounter took place before the Golden State Warriors game during the ongoing pre-season of the NBA in Japan.

Following a wholesome meeting, Curry welcomed Suga to the Dub Nation on social media. In the video footage of the interaction between the two stars, mutual respect is evident.

In the video, Curry speaks to the lead rapper of the K-pop powerhouse boy band stating:

“I’m sweaty, working hard, but nice to meet you. Big fan, obviously, So are my kids and everybody in my family, man. It’s great to meet you.”

The idol is seen responding to this humbly as he says:

“Nice to meet you. It’s an honour.”

A swarm of photographers and journalists were also seen trying to record the unforgettable moment.

When the K-pop rapper had posted a photo of himself on Tuesday wearing a customized Warriors jersey, Stephen Curry had commented, “see you soon”, sparking much speculation about when the two global sensations will finally meet.

As an indicator of their significance in the worlds of basketball and music, Curry and Suga have amassed a combined total of nearly 85 million followers on Instagram.

Besides Stephen Curry, basketball stars Klay Thompson and Draymond Green also got individual pictures with the K-pop rapper.

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