Clash of Clans October update 2022: Expected release date, new Town Hall 15, latest Troop, and more

The release of a brand new update in Clash of Clans is a highly anticipated occasion for players. With every new version, Supercell introduces many additions and changes, aiming to improve the user experience and make gameplay more pleasurable.

Over the past week, the developers have been building hype for the October update by revealing sneak peeks for the new Town Hall 15, Siege Machine, Troop, Hero Pets, and more. As a result, gamers are actively searching to find a specific release date for the next patch of the free-to-play strategy title.

This article will take a look at Clash of Clans’ October update, its potential release date, and what it will be adding to the game.

Expected release date for Clash of Clans’ October update 2022

The events will end very soon (Image via Supercell)
The events will end very soon (Image via Supercell)

Supercell hasn’t specified a particular release date for the upcoming October update for Clash of Clans. However, the new version is expected to be released sometime today, shortly after the conclusion of the ongoing “Raid Weekend” and “Last Town Hall 14 Challenge?!” events.

It could be released after the Clan War Leagues (Image via Supercell)
It could be released after the Clan War Leagues (Image via Supercell)

If the update is not made available today, it is possible that it will be rolled out after the “Clan War Leagues,” which concludes tomorrow. Hence, fans will have to patiently wait for its release in the near future.

Main additions of the Clash of Clans October update 2022

1) Town Hall 15


Town Hall 15 is a major attraction of the game’s October update. It will not have a unique signature defense, but users will be able to upgrade the Giga Inferno multiple times to make it even more potent.

  • Build time of Townhall 15: 15 days
  • Cost of Townhall 15: 18 million gold

2) New defenses


Town Hall 15 will be arriving with two new defenses to go along with its Magic Theme:

  • Monolith: Monolith will be a Single Target defense that will deal more damage to high-health troops.
  • Spell Tower: Spell Tower will be a game-changing defence that will cast spells during the defense. Gamers can level up the Spell Tower to unlock the different available spells. (Level 1 – Rage Spell, Level 2 – Poison Spell, Level 3 – Invisibility Spell).

3) New Hero Pets


New companions for Heroes are also set to be released with the upcoming October update. Gamers can unlock them by upgrading the Pet House:

  • Frosty: Upgrade Pet House to level 5
  • Diggy: Upgrade Pet House to level 6
  • Poison Lizard: Upgrade Pet House to level 7
  • Phoenix: Upgrade Pet House to level 8

4) New Spell – Recall


A Recall Spell will be introduced in the new patch, and players will be able to unlock it in Clash of Clans from Townhall 13 onwards. Users can use this spell to recall their troops, Heroes, or Hero Pets and then use them elsewhere on the enemy base. It should be noted that all unused recalled troops will disappear after the battle.

5) New Siege Machine – Battle Drill


The latest update will also introduce a new Siege Machine in the “Battle Drill”. It becomes available at Siege Workshop Level 7 and can burrow into the ground to evade detection by enemy defenses. Furthermore, the Siege Machine has another use, as it is capable of stunning an enemy defense for two seconds after attacking it.

6) New Troop – Electro Titan


The Electro Titan is another key attraction of the Clash of Clans October update, and is expected to be a very powerful troop, taking up 32 housing spaces.

The troop’s Hit Points (HP) at level 1 will be 7200, with its Damage Per Second (DPS) and Aura DPS being 180 and 75, respectively. After players upgrade the Electro Titan through their Laboratory, these stats will increase even further.

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