“Do what you and The Rock did” – Twitterverse explodes to released WWE Superstar teasing potentially joining AEW

Fans have made their feelings known after CJ Perry declared her interest in joining AEW.

Perry carries a resume that would make her more than suitable for a role in AEW. Her time in WWE as Lana showed off her capacity for excellent character work. Alongside her husband Miro, known at the time as Rusev, she was the right-hand woman for one of the company’s top heels and a dominant United States Champion.

She recently made it clear that she would be interested in working with AEW and perhaps doing something with Miro. Her suggestion was always going to spark reactions en masse, and that’s exactly what happened.

There have been a number of reactions from fans via social media. The user below, for example, made reference to an awkward interaction between The Rock, Lana and Rusev years ago.

There were others who believed that Perry would not be up to much if she did join, managing to slide a sideways dig at Marina Shafir.

@WrestlePurists The max you’re doing is getting Dark matches vs that Ronda Rousey knockoff.

@WrestlePurists In other words nobody wants to hire me so let me put out the statement that the story has to be right.

@WrestlePurists Lana might end up getting hurt because there women are little reckless over there

@WrestlePurists Might be the first time we’ve ever heard the words compelling and stories with AEW in the same sentence

@WrestlePurists CJ Perry, tertiary star of that space film with Bruce Willis, only wants to tell compelling stories. Sure…

@WrestlePurists This would be smart her as a manager was always great and she was so over just keep her out of the ring unless necessary

@WrestlePurists Translation: They don’t use Miro, so why would I work there.

There’s a generally mixed reaction from the fans. There are those who have touted her skills as a manager, but there are also a number who question what she does to improve the roster.

CJ Perry has teased joining AEW before

Whether or not there has been a mixed reaction, this wasn’t the first time that CJ Perry has teased her appearing in All Elite Wrestling.

She once spoke highly of her run with Miro in WWE. After which, she also confirmed that she would work with AEW, if the story was right. She was vague regarding the timescale for which her debut could happen, as she said it could happen “next week or it could never happen”.

Miro was released by WWE in 2020 before CJ Perry in 2021, as she continued to carve her own career as Lana. She perhaps came her closest to securing gold during her run with Asuka as a tag team, only for Charlotte Flair to replace her and go on to win the titles alongside the Empress of Tomorrow.

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