Former WWE Superstar believes Triple H “went to bat” to prevent him from getting released

Former WWE Superstar Fandango credited Triple H for preventing him and Tyler Breeze from getting released from the company during the 2020 budget cuts.

In 2020, WWE released a string of performers from both the main roster and NXT as part of budget cuts stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Several top stars, including Miro (fka Rusev), Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson were let go during this time.

Speaking on the Cafe de Rene podcast, Fandango revealed that he was surprised that he and Tyler Breeze were not on the list of released stars.

“No, dude, so surprised,” Fandango said.

The former NXT Tag Team Champion added that he believes Triple H ensured that the duo were not let go:

“They just completely cleaned house, and I’m like, ‘Well, this is obviously got to be it.’ Because we were kind of like lower midcard guys at the time, and we just didn’t get the axe. I think [Triple H] kind of went to bat for us.” (H/T – Wrestlinginc)

I like the idea of Tyler Breeze taking over, but I would be even more excited to see Breezango take over. I miss The Fashion Files.…

However, it seems like Hunter’s involvement could not keep them with the company for a long time as the duo were released from their contracts during the 2021 budget cuts.

Can Tyler Breeze and Fandango return to WWE under Triple H’s regime?

Tyler Breeze and Fandango were two of the most entertaining superstars in WWE. The duo were paired together for the first time in 2016, and were known as Breezango.

Fandango revealed on the same podcast that it was Vince McMahon’s idea to pair them together:

“I think we were on the chopping block, Breeze and I, both as singles competitors in 2016. And then Vince said, ‘No, don’t fire them,’ and then they put Breeze and I together in 2016, became Breezango,” Fandango said.

After competing on the main roster for a while, Breeze and Fandango were sent to NXT as WWE reportedly wanted them to work as experienced veterans to work with the younger talent and to help the brand’s ratings during Wednesday Night War against the AEW Dynamite.

While the duo were let go by the old hierarchy during the 2021 budget cuts, things are run differently now. Several formerly released stars have returned to the Stamford-based promotion since Triple H took over the keys to the company’s creative department.

However, the chances of the duo returning together are bleak as Fandango recently revealed that he has signed a deal with a promotion that has a TV deal.

Tyler Breeze, meanwhile, has not competed since 2021 and is set to appear on WWE’s The Bump next week.

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