“HHH (Triple H) should do a DX like media scum” – Twitter explodes with hilarious reactions to prediction on AEW star’s attendance on upcoming RAW reunion

The wrestling world recently shared their mixed reactions on the possibility of AEW star Billy Gunn being able to attend the DX reunion next month.

The faction led by Triple H and Shawn Michaels, comprised of Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, and other legends, set an impact on the industry in the late 90s. Donning their black and green t-shirts with their signature crotch-chop gesture, they were a group of rebels who altered the wrestling scene for time to come.

Over time, many group members departed from WWE and went their own ways. Billy Gunn joined his sons Austin and Colten in AEW. He is currently associated with the AEW tag team champions The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Anthony Bowens).

The last time D-Generation X came together, The Game and HBK did not waste any time in taking indirect digs at All Elite Wrestling. The group is set for another reunion on the October 10th edition of RAW. However, it is unclear whether Gunn will be a part of the celebrations or not.

The wrestling fraternity instantly took to Twitter to hilarious reactions on whether Tony Khan would permit the WWE legend to join his former faction for the celebratory occasion:

I really feel it would be a great gesture and great way to open the door if @TripleH and @WWE extended the invite to @RealBillyGunn for the DX reunion and @TonyKhan and @AEW allowed it (and Billy accepted).

@The_MJF Wonder if Billy Gunn gonna show up for DX reunion on @WWE and @TripleH will call @AEW that piss ant company again? ????????????????

@JobberNationTV HHH should do a DX like media scum, looking like a wigged out Tony Khan and randomly Reigns comes out of nowhere and just goes off on random wrestlers.

I really hope Billy Gunn appears in the DX reunion.Triple H and Shawn Michaels can EASILY reach out to him. And I don’t think TK will be that mad if Billy Gunn appears since Tony is a fan.But who knows. It would feel good to have at least ONE moment where both promotion unite

@Ghostsquad555 @TonyKhan Nah triple h dissed Aew the last time Billy gunn was there. It would be cool if they could all agree not to mention Aew though? ????

WWE should call AEW and ask for Billy Gunn for that 800th DX reunion

Triple H has drastically transformed WWE creative control under his leadership

Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque returned to his administrative duties at WWE following a health scare in September last year. Prior to which he overlooked NXT in its black and gold era.

In July this year, Vince McMahon announced his retirement following allegations and an investigation of hush money to cover up affairs. His daughters Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan were announced as the co-CEOs of the company.

While Triple H had creative control, he was then given the official title of Chief Content Officer (CCO) in September. Many fans were quick to notice the drastic transformation in the matches and overall product.

Triple H additionally went on to bring back former NXT and WWE talent who were released in the past couple of years. This seemingly led to a slight stirr up in AEW where it was reported that WWE had reached out to their talent while they were still under contract with Tony Khan.

Would you like to see Billy Gunn at the DX reunion? Sound off in the comments.

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