How old is Blueface? Age explored as Chrisean Rock announces taking a break from rapper

Chrisean Rock and Blueface have been the internet’s matter of interest since the couple recorded themselves getting into physical altercations. The former has now announced that the duo are taking a break from each other. She also said that she will not be getting the rapper’s tattoo removed from her body.

The exact timeline of the couple’s relationship remains unclear, but the two have been making headlines together since earlier this year. On October 5, Rock took to her Instagram Live to announce that she and her 25-year-old rapper boyfriend Blueface will be taking a break.

It appeared like the influencer was at a boxing club while filming the video. She said:

“Nobody breaking up with nobody. I’m just going to take a break”

Chrisean Rock claims she is not getting her tattoo of Blueface removed

Meanwhile, the 22-year-old also took to her Twitter account and told followers that she will not be getting her tattoo of Blueface removed. She added:

“If I get a new n***a I’ll just tat him right next to my old n***a face”

While she confirmed that she and Blueface were simply taking a break from each other, she also asked her Twitter followers why they assumed that she would not break up with the Thotiana rapper.

Y’all really think I’ll never leave bro ? I honestly wan know why u guys think this way?

In a series of tweets, she went on to say:

I honestly don’t take life serious. I don’t care about me being happy . I want everyone around me happy tho.

Ion think I was meant to be happy I never really been happy my whole life

It remains unclear whether her latest tweets were directed at her recent break from Blueface.

Chrisean Rock steals Blueface’s phone and goes live on Instagram

This is not the first time Chrisean Rock has announced that she will be separating from Blueface. On October 3, the Baltimore native told her followers that she was “single” after she accused the rapper of cheating on her with the mother of his children, Jaidyn Alexis.

Rock took to Instagram and told her followers that she stole her boyfriend’s phone to see if any girl he was cheating with would call him. She also claimed that she “almost went to jail” for breaking a television set and the window of a hotel room while in a heated argument with Blueface.

Meanwhile, Klarissa Saffold, Blueface’s mother, called Blueface’s phone which was with Rock and asked her whether her son was doing alright.

Although Rock claimed she was single following their heated dispute, in a matter of hours, she posted an intimate video of herself with Blueface to Twitter to show her followers that she was back together with Blueface.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock have taken over the internet in recent months after posting endless videos of themselves getting into physical altercations. In August, Rock and Blueface got into a fight on the streets of Hollywood. Rock was seen slapping Blueface while the rapper knocked his girlfriend down and ripped a chain off of her neck.


In another instance, Rock took to her Instagram account and told followers that a portion of her hair was ripped out by Blueface after the two got into a physical altercation.

The couple have also gotten into physical fights with each other’s families in the past, leading to many expressing concern over the toxicity of their relationship.

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