How to easily report, block, and unblock players in Overwatch 2

Every competitive multiplayer title comes with its own breed of in-game toxicity and disruptive behavior, and Overwatch 2 is no stranger to this fact.

Ever since the release of a title earlier this week, the servers have been plagued with error codes, and game-breaking bugs, as well as toxic disruptive behavior from other players.

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While the latest franchise entry has a unique SMS protection feature that is specifically designed to protect players from in-game toxicity, there are times when players may sneak past the feature and purposely look to create trouble for others.

However, there are other things that fans can do to be able to deal with disruptive behavior in Overwatch 2. Players will be able to report, block as well as unblock others in the game, which allows them to have a better competitive experience in the shooter.

Today’s guide will, therefore, go over how players will be able to avail these features in Blizzard’s latest franchise entry.

Reporting and blocking other players in Overwatch 2


If players are being harassed in Overwatch 2, they will be able to report and block the miscreants to help Blizzard dish out a suspension or permanent ban for them.

To be able to avail the features in the shooters, players will be required to,

  • Make their way to the Social tab from the main menu option of Overwatch 2 after they have met players in the game who were toxic and ruined their time in the shooter, After clicking on Recent PLayers from the option that is present to the top of the screen, they will need search for the name of the player whom they want to report or block.
  • Players will then be required to Right-click on the name of the highlighted player, and from the option that pops up, they will have the choice to either “Report” or “Block” the players.
  • If players are opting to Report the offender, then they will be asked the reason why they are looking to do so. They will then be required to pick from the following options of: “Abusive Chat”, “Gameplay Sabotage”, “Inactivity”, “Spam”, “Cheating”, and “Bad Battletag”
  • Players reporting will then need to pick the category that fits their complaint the most. After picking it, they will be required to click on Continue, and confirm that this is the report that they will be going with.
  • If players want to block others, they will just be required to click on the Block option and then confirm their request.

Unblocking players in Overwatch 2


Players can often change their minds after blocking someone out from their list and game history. However, Overwatch 2 allows one to be able to easily unblock others even if players deem it so.

To be able to do so, fans will be able to find the name of the player that they blocked by heading to the Recent Players tab and right-clicking on the name of the blocked player to get the unblock option.

After clicking on unblocking and confirming their choice, fans will be able to Unblock others from the list.

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