How to enable Crossplay in Overwatch 2 and play with friends on other platforms

The latest franchise entry, Overwatch 2, does indeed come with a good many quality-of-life features that were not present in the sequel.

There are a lot of things that players will be able to do in the shooter this time around, which was not accessible in the previous title. One of the most sought-after features out of the lot is the Crossplay aspect of the shooter, which Blizzard has opted to introduce this time around.

Overwatch 2 was released a couple of days ago on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Players who have friends on other platforms will, fortunately, be able to play Overwatch 2 with them, and the title will not be limiting their multiplayer experiences to a single platform alone.

However, to be able to play with those on other platforms, players will be required to enable Crossplay in Overwatch 2. It’s not a difficult process to accomplish, and today’s guide will particularly deal with how fans will be able to enable the feature in the game and queue up for matches with friends who are on another platform.

Enabling Crossplay in Overwatch 2


To be able to make the most of the Crossplay feature in Overwatch 2 and play with those on a different platform, players will be required to,

  • Know the Battle Tag of the friend with whom they want to queue up with. It’s important to note here that every player has their own unique Battle Tag. To find the Battle Tag of the one they wish to play with, they will need to hover over their friend’s in-game name, where their unique tag will appear in the top-right corner.
  • The battle Tag will appear as a nickname which will be followed by a set of numbers after a # symbol. Players will then be required to use this Battle Tag information to send a friend request to the one who is on the other platform and then add them directly onto the friend’s list as a process.
  • When the friend accepts the invite, their name will then automatically pop up on the list and then they can invite them to a Crossplay session in the shooter. Allowing players to enjoy the shooter together, even if they are on different platforms.

It’s important to note here that, while Overwatch 2 allows players to boot up a match with each other even if they are on separate platforms, the experience might not be all that favorable for the console players.

During a Crossplay match, when a console player goes into the queue with a friend who is on PC, they will automatically enter the PC pool. This is very disadvantageous for players on the console as the PC pool will automatically turn off the aim assist feature.


It’s hard enough to play a first-person shooter with a controller, and dropping in a PC pool with no access to aim assist will make the experience even harder for those on the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo systems.

Hence, those typing out the Crossplay feature are advised to do so for the various causal modes in Overwatch 2, and not try out anything as radical as ranked play.

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