How to get mentors in NBA 2K Mobile? All you need to know

NBA 2K Mobile has been one of the most popular mobile games in the past few years. Season 5 has just started, and many players are wondering how to get mentors in NBA 2K Mobile. At the moment, the mobile game is experiencing downtime. The servers are down due to preparations for the fifth season and the new content that will come with it.

Getting mentors in NBA 2K Mobile is easy for existing players. New players will run into some problems with the mentor system. This article will explain how to get mentors in the popular 2K Mobile game and prepare them for Season 5.

How to get mentors in NBA 2K Mobile explained

As 2K Sports has previously announced, Season 5 of the video game is bringing significant changes to the mentor system. If you want to get a mentor in the new season, you can do so by leveling up your card to LVL 100.

There are a few differences between Season 5 and the previous seasons of the game. Previous seasons have disadvantaged newer players, leading to complaints from new players.

You can easily get mentors in NBA 2K Mobile (Image via 2K Sports)
You can easily get mentors in NBA 2K Mobile (Image via 2K Sports)

The game’s upcoming season will make things much easier for new players. Existing players will have an advantage as they already have mentors from the previous season. However, new players can get mentors by leveling up their cards.

2K Sports published some exciting details regarding mentors in Season 5 of the 2K Mobile video game. On their official blog, the game developer announced that players would retain their top 25 mentors while transitioning to the new season.

However, players will also be able to create new mentors in NBA 2K Mobile by simply leveling up their cards to LVL 100. It’s important to note that only Ruby or better cards can be converted into mentors.

“In S5, any users can create a Mentor by fully training a card to LVL 100 (not a typo!) and then converting it,” 2K Sports posted on the blog.

“Mentors created this way will provide more significant boosts than previous Mentors.”

This new change will benefit players. In the past, players could get mentors by playing previous seasons and evolving their players into mentors. However, Season 5 will level the playing field.

Throughout the year, 2K Sports will release new content for the mobile game, including new card tiers. With the latest content, new mentors will also get stronger and have more benefits.

Additionally, every mentor in Season 5 will have an affiliated team. Cards will get an additional boost if their mentor is affiliated with their NBA team.

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