“I didn’t talk to Coach much this summer, either” – Devin Booker clarifies media on current Suns’ player-coach situation, says spending time with family restricted their talking with coach

Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns are among the most talked about teams in the NBA right now. It has nothing to do with their potential to win a championship. After getting eliminated by the Dallas Mavericks in the second round of the NBA playoffs, the Suns are expected to bounce back this season.

Tensions between Suns big man Deandre Ayton and head coach Monty Williams took over the internet for quite some following their embarrassing playoff exit. Williams was forced to bench Ayton in Game 7 due to his lack of effort. He scored five points in just 17 minutes of action.

The Suns had their media day earlier this week, and the vibe was awkward and tense. Ayton took to the podium and entertained a few questions from reporters. He was asked by a Suns reporter about his current relationship with the Suns head coach. The answer he gave was honest and unexpected:

“I haven’t spoken to Monty. Haven’t spoken to him at all ever since the game,”

Reporter: “How have you and [Suns coach] Monty Williams—”Deandre Ayton: “I haven’t spoken to Monty. Haven’t spoken to him at all ever since the game.”Reporter: “Are you happy to be here, DA?”DA: “I’m all right.” ???? (via @GeraldBourguet)https://t.co/daqkTZRFbm

All-Star guard Devin Booker was also asked about head coach Monty Williams. His answer was much less troublesome:

“I didnt talk to Coach much at all this summer, either. It’s a long season, we’re with each other every day. I think it’s fine to get away from each other.”

“I mean, we see each other more than we see our families. So, I think it’s always good to get away, get quiet, and remove yourself from this industry and lifestyle.”

“I didnt talk to Coach much this summer, either.”Devin Booker when asked about Monty Williams-Deandre Ayton having not spoken since Game 7.Will this be a distraction?”No. Guys look good to me.” #Suns https://t.co/8lxPmFGIAi

When asked if the situation regarding the head coach and their center could serve as a distraction, Devin Booker said this:

“No…Guys look good to me.”

Devin Booker’s new leadership role is the key to the Suns breaking the tension

Phoenix Suns Media Day
Phoenix Suns Media Day

Although tensions are high in Phoenix, fans are still optimistic that the team can compete for an NBA championship. With their core still intact, the sky is the limit for the Suns heading into the 2022-23 season. Winning solves everything. Everyone knows that.

Even though the Suns won a lot of games last season, there are still some problems that need to be addressed. The feud between Williams and Ayton is a huge elephant in the room. Devin Booker might be the guy to keep the team focused on winning.

Devin Booker was one of the few players who expressed optimism during Suns’ media day. Booker remained calm and neutral while navigating through awkward questions asked by Suns reporters. This mentality and approach could influence the head coach and starting center to patch things up. The three-time All-Star has the ability to lead the Suns on and off the court.

Most people expected Chris Paul to step up and get the two to hash out their differences. But so far, that hasn’t been the case. It’s on Booker to step up and assert his position as the team’s leader.

The Phoenix Suns will face the Dallas Mavericks in their season opener on October 19.

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