“If Michael Jordan did it, it’s cool…Draymond’s not Jordan” – NBA analyst is appalled by Draymond Green hitting a teammate, puns it’s a part of the team building process referring to Michael Jordan’s instance

Draymond Green throwing a punch at Jordan Poole has created quite a media storm as it could undermine the Golden State Warriors’ championship aspirations. However, head coach Steve Kerr has had this type of experience before and knows how to handle such issues.

Nick Wright, on First Things First, said that the Warriors will surely discipline Green, unlike what the Chicago Bulls did to Michael Jordan for punching Kerr:

“If Michael Jordan did it, it’s cool. I know that Michael Jordan once upon a time punched a guy who now coaches the Warriors. So, Jordan did it, it must be a part of team-building.

“A couple of things, one, it’s not cool the other is, Draymond’s not Jordan. Steph’s Jordan in this instance.”

“I’d like to be on Draymond’s side but if you’re not a boxer or a football player you can’t hit co-workers. For some folks, there’s another rule: if Jordan did it it’s cool. But Draymond isn’t MJ.” @getnickwright on report GSW considering discipline after Draymond struck Poole: https://t.co/3nFQMTWNPC

The infamous fight between Steve Kerr and Michael Jordan also happened during a practice session.

Episodes seven and eight of “The Last Dance” explains the incident in detail. Jordan’s trash-talking and skills embarrassed Steve Kerr’s side during scrimmage. The now Warriors coach eventually snapped and stood up to Jordan.

“I just haul off and hit him right in the f—ing eye. And Phil just throws me out of practice.”Episodes 7 & 8 air next Sunday at 9 PM ET on ESPN ???? #TheLastDance https://t.co/ONZAnjlcbc

Phil Jackson’s reaction to the fight was to throw MJ out of the Bulls’ practice facility. Nick Wright believes Draymond Green will not be as lucky due to his history of such incidents. Wright continued:

“Draymond Green has a history of not being able to control his own anger and temper and it’s costing them. Some would argue it cost them the 2016 Finals, I know a lot of people do, that they would have won had he not got suspended.

“He almost fought Kerr in the locker room once and almost broke that relationship, he hit the college kid at Michigan State a few years ago and now he’s hitting teammates. We can’t say it’s nothing because the Warriors are going to suspend him or discipline him in some way, shape or form.”

Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers will handle Draymond Green’s punishment internally

Unless the punishment leaks or if Draymond Green speaks about it, no one outside of the Golden State Warriors organization would know about it.

The former Defensive Player of the Year has already apologized to his teammates with both Steve Kerr and GM Bob Myers in attendance. Green reportedly acknowledged that he lost his temper and is already moving forward from the incident.

Myers made it abundantly clear that there will be no circus surrounding the outcome of the punching incident. He said:

“It’s the NBA, it’s professional sports, these things happen. Nobody likes it, we don’t condone it, but it happened. Draymond apologized to the team this morning. As far as any suspension, punishment, fine, we’re gonna handle it internally. I understand some might have questions on that, but that’s gonna be an internal process.”

Bob Myers says the Warriors will handle any Draymond discipline “internally” https://t.co/nxKwb6OQZk

Like Michael Jordan, though, Draymond Green may not miss any games for thowing a punch at Jordan Poole. Myers didn’t think the charismatic forward would be suspended for his actions.

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