Kingdom Season 3 Release Date: Everything you Need to Know

Kingdom season 3 will be available soon. kingdom is the first south korean original series of netflix which was launched in 2019 and the horror series has received huge good reviews. ‘Kingdom’ season 2 has left us with so many questions. Will the zombie series return for a third season?

It is based on the 2015 web comic the kingdom of the gods which is created by kim yun- hee.

Fans of the series have been anxiously waiting for the release of the upcoming season 3 on netflix and finally in this artcle, we will discuss Kingdom season 3, ranging from the premiere date to the casting and the latest news available. season 1 was first released on January 25, 2019 and the second season premiere a little over a year later in March 2020. Based on the audience support of the previous seasons, it can be assumed that Kingdom season 3 will air in early 2023. When is the Kingdom season 3 release date?

Will There Be ‘Kingdom’ Season 3?

Sadly, Netflix has not announced the renewal of ‘Kingdom’ for season 3 yet. However, we have huge faith that the third season will happen. Not only does the second season end with a cliffhanger, but the special bonus episode teased us more.

The special bonus episode focuses on the life of Ashin, the mysterious woman who appeared in season 2’s closing scene. The special episode is called ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North,’ and it delves into the origin of the saengsacho (the resurrection plant). 

The arrival of the special episode ignites our hope that the zombie series will return for season 3. Speaking about ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North,’ director Kim Sung Hoon said via Soompi:

“If the first season served as the cornerstone of the world, ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’ will be a stepping stone to go beyond ‘Kingdom 3.’”

We will update this space once the series is officially picked up for season 3.

Kingdom Season 3 release date

Kingdom Season 3 release date

As of July 2022, Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed whether Kingdom season 3 will get the greenlight. The delays around the renewal are thought to have been caused, in part, by current world events. Basically, no one wants to watch a show about a deadly plague during a worldwide pandemic.

“Because the series deals with a pandemic, I think it’s inevitable that the show is compared to the current reality and affected by it, whether it be good or bad,” Kingdom writer Kim Eun-hee told The Hollywood Reporter. “Although the series is a product of the creators’ wild imagination, I hope the epidemic will soon be under control like in our series.”

Kingdom Season 3: Plot

Kingdom Season 3: Plot

We actually have a pretty good idea of what will happen in Kingdom season 3, thanks to Kim Eun-hee, who explained that the new series would explore the origin of the plague.

“Those who have watched the drama know this, but people like Lee Chang, Seo-bi, and Yeong-shin are all people who hunt the plague, wishing it would never appear,” she told Soompi. “I thought making season 3 tell the story of hunting the plague would be good, so we’re thinking of doing it.”

“Season 1 told the story of hunger, and season 2 told the story of blood,” she continued. “If Netflix agrees, I want season 3 to tell the story of resentment. Season 2 brought attention to the concept of ‘temperature,’ and I think if the story were to travel north, the different ecosystems of the north would serve as a clue.”

Kingdom Season 3: Plot

So it’s likely that the new series will pick up where the second season left off, with Lee Chang, Seo-bi and Yeong-shin exploring the north. This will no doubt lead them to come into contact with Ashin and his crates of corpses.

We learned in the 2021 special Ashin of the North that the former spy was the one who discovered the resurrection factory and used it to turn her relatives into zombies. She then provided them with human flesh to satisfy their endless hunger. Our heroes will have to be careful if they meet her.

There is also the story of the new king of Joseon, Lee Yeom. He was infected with the zombie plague as a baby, but seems to be immune. However, the season 2 finale suggested that he was more asymptomatic than actually protected from the plague, so who knows, maybe now that he’s older, he might finally turn.

Kingdom Season 3: cast speculation

Kingdom Season 3:  cast speculation

If the Kingdom season 3 gets the green light, we imagine Lee Chang, Seo-bi, and Yeong-shin will all return. That means Ju Ji-hoon, Bae Doona, and Kim Sung-kyu will all be back. We can assume Ashin will be the new series villain, which means Jun Ji-hyun will also have to return.

Who will be in Kingdom season 3?

  • Ju Ji-hoon – Prince Lee Chang
  • Bae Doona – Seo-bi
  • Kim Sung-kyu – Yeong-shin jein
  • Jeon Seok-ho – Cho Beom-pal
  • Jun Ji-hyun – Ashin

Where can I watch Kingdom season 3?

Where can I watch Kingdom season 3?

If we do get Kingdom season 3, it will be available to watch on the streaming service Netflix. In the meantime, check out Kingdom seasons 1 and 2, which are unsurprisingly also available to watch on Netflix.

How many episodes can we expect in season 3?

How many episodes can we expect in season 3?

Kingdom is an expensive series. The production value is high. While Netflix understands that there is a demand for a longer season, the budget constraints are there. The first and second seasons had 6 episodes each and we could see the series return with six more episodes.

We will continue to update this post with the latest news on Kingdom season 3. Would you like to see the third season of Kingdom? In the meantime, you can watch Kingdom seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix.

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‘Kingdom’ Season 3 Trailer: When Can We See It? 

We are still waiting for Netflix to renew the series for season 3. Hence, it is going to be an indefinite wait for now. We will leave you with the season 2 trailer in the meantime. 

By Netflix

What Happened in Kingdom Season 2?

What Happened in Kingdom Season 2?

Season 1 of Kingdom had many twists and turns. It ended with Lee Chang ready to go into battle against an army of zombies led by the father of Queen Consort Chos. The second season also deepened the story and plot set up by the first season. However, you may be a little confused about the themes and symbolism of some of the characters and their actions.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In season 1 of Kingdom, the zombie plague started because Queen Cho and her father wanted to resurrect the king and sire a son/grandson who could ascend the throne instead of Crown Prince Lee Chang. The result is a class war between the uninfected nobles and the zombified peasantry. Surely Cho will eventually realize his mistake, right? Not a chance.

Throughout Season 2, Cho doubles down on his evil and kidnaps pregnant women to claim one of their children as his son. To make matters worse, Cho lures Lee Chang into a trap involving the zombified King: Either kill the King and be considered a traitor or let the King bite him and infect him.

What Happened in Kingdom Season 2?

But in the end, Cho reaps what she sows. The zombies devour her, and the child she stole becomes the new king, free of her influence. However, Cho has the last laugh as the boy was bitten in the struggle, and the worms that cause the plague wriggle their way to his brain in the final minutes of the season. Cho’s ailment has left a permanent stain on the kingdom, represented by the worms crawling into the young king’s body.

Kingdom goes to great lengths to show that Queen Cho is the exact opposite of Crown Prince Lee Chang. While Cho sits back and lets the zombies ravage the land, Lee Chang leads a small army to fight them and figure out how to solve the plague once and for all. Season 2 goes further and shows how Lee Chang has the true qualities of a leader, while Cho does not.

Since claiming the throne would lead to civil war, Lee Chang decides to pretend to be dead and leave the boy’s claim to the crown unattested. The boy’s lineage may be a lie, but it is a lie that serves the people, and Lee Chang has learned that this is the ultimate duty of a true king.

Season 2 of Kingdom revealed many secrets about the series’ zombie plague.

Since claiming the throne would lead to civil war, Lee Chang decides to pretend to be dead and leave the boy’s claim to the crown unattested. The boy’s lineage may be a lie, but it is a lie that serves the people, and Lee Chang has learned that this is the ultimate duty of a true king.

What Happened in Kingdom Season 2?

In the season 2 finale, Crown Prince Lee Chang learns that the plant originated in China and came to Korea via a traveler. The man who brought the plant tried to sell it as a cure-all, but no one bought it because, well, who would believe such a snake oil story? But that only answers the where and when question; Lee Chang has yet to discover the who, what, and why.

The final episode of Kingdom provides several implications, but no real answers. Did the person who sold the plant to the traveler simply pass it along in a desperate attempt to sell it, or did they know it caused zombies? And if so, did they sell the flower in a deliberate attempt to weaken the country from within, perhaps as a prelude to an invasion?

But the biggest mystery of the season is the woman with the zombie boxes. Who is she, and why is she playing the role of an undead postmaster?

We probably won’t learn the answers until Season 3 of Kingdom, assuming the show gets one. Thanks for reading and see you soon.

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