“Most relatable celeb moment”: Fans react as Lil Nas X pauses Atlanta concert for bathroom emergency

American rapper Lil Nas X excused himself mid-performance to use the toilet during his Long Live Montero Tour concert in Atlanta.

The Montero singer paused his performance, addressed the crowd and said:

“I’ll be right back.”

Lil Nas X had a bathroom emergency during his show in Atlanta. ????https://t.co/dnhX0NY3W6

A video shared on Twitter revealed the singer addressing the audience, saying:

“I’m backstage, and this is, like, not a part of the show, but I’m taking a mean s**t, so please forgive me.”

He further added:

“But I’m gonna be like a minute or two, and I’ll be right back.”

Lil Nas X later reposted the video on his personal Twitter account, asserting that it was not a joke, writing in the caption:

“lmao people really thought I was joking, I was literally back there dropping demons into that toilet.”

lmao people really thought i was joking, i was literally back there dropping demons into that toilet twitter.com/lnxnews/status…

Fans react to Lil Nas X’s hilarious bathroom incident during live performance

Lil Nas X fans on Twitter reacted to his bathroom incident, noting that stopping his show to use the bathroom is the “most relatable celeb moment” they have heard.

Lil Nas X stopping his show to run to the bathroom is the most relatable celeb moment I’ve ever heard

@LNXNews I always wondered what that’s like having to use the toilet in the middle of a performance lol

@LilNasX You know I always wondered what do performers do when they have a bad stomach during a show, do they just pretend and fight for their life or would they leave and take care of said business…??Thank you for providing answers

Doja Cat faced a similar toilet incident while receiving her Grammy award


Lil Nas X is not the only celebrity who has been outspoken about bathroom emergencies. Earlier this year, Doja Cat nearly missed her Grammy-award winning speech as she was in the bathroom when her name was announced.

The Need To Know singer won a Grammy for Kiss Me More, along with SZA, in the Best Group Performance category. When the winners were announced, SZA showed up at the stage by herself.

After a few moments however, she was joined by Doja Cat, who arrived on the stage in a rush and was panting. While receiving her award, the rapper said:

“I have never taken such a fast piss in my whole life”.

More about Lis Nas X


Last month, the Industry Baby artist shared an anime-inspired video for his new song Star Walkin’ (League of Legends Worlds Anthem). The song was shared shortly after the announcement that Lil Nas X is the new president of League of Legends.

Speaking about his new role, the artist said in a statement:

“I felt like it was time for me to try something new. I’ve left my mark on pop culture in so many ways, and now it’s time to take on the world of gaming. I will be the greatest President, of League of Legends, of all time. Also I’m going to make the best Worlds anthem of all time and put on the biggest, coolest, sexiest Worlds in the history of all Worlds!”

The League of Legends Worlds 2022 kicked off in Mexico City on September 29, 2022.

Earlier this year, Lil Nas X announced his Long Live Montero tour, which kicked off in September. The singer will next head to Nashville, Tennessee on October 1 and will conclude his US tour on October 23 in San Francisco, California.

In November, the artist will be heading to Europe, where he will make stops in Amsterdam, Berlin and Hamburg, London, Paris, Brussels and will conclude his tour in Barcelona on November 17.

The tour is in support of Lil Nas’ recent album Montero, which includes the award-winning hit Industry Baby featuring rapper Jack Harlow.

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