NBA 2K23 Limited Season 1 Week 4: Everything you need to know

NBA 2K23 Limited Season 1 Week 4 has brought in a whole new set of events and rewards. It has a new set of rules that will make things interesting.

NBA 2K23 Limited Season 1 has allowed gamers to earn some interesting extra rewards. Gamers who have stayed on track to win the option back have had to complete a range of unique challenges that are set to grow in difficulty over the coming weeks.

This article looks at everything you need to know about the NBA 2K23 Limited Season 1 Week 4.

NBA 2K23 Limited Season 1 Week4: Everything you need to know

Gamers have been able to keep up with the competitiveness of the event by simply using the best cards that they have at their disposal. This week, however, the rules have changed a number of ruby and sapphire cards will come into play as well.

Furthermore, no free agent cards will be allowed to be used this week and the following overall guidelines have been updated:

  • · You may use up to 3 Rubies
  • · Remaining cards must be Sapphire or lower.
  • · No Free Agent Cards allowed.

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The variety of player packs that are available means that finding decent ruby and sapphire cards to use should not be a problem for most gamers. Each week, getting a few wins allows gamers to earn the championship ring for the week and stay on course to win the title at the end of the season.

The challenges have grown more difficult in recent weeks and the same trend can be expected to be followed in the coming time.

For every six championship rings won, gamers can acquire a option pack in return and earn a pink diamond via it. Further rewards every week include 25K MT for five rings and a 100 Tokens. Diamond prize balls along with various timeless packs can also be acquired by playing NBA 2K23 Limited games every week.

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