New Genshin Impact character Mika reveals more about Varka, the Grandmaster of Knights of Favonius

Genshin Impact’s latest event has provided players with new information about Varka, Mondstadt’s Grandmaster who has been absent since the beginning of the game.

Varka has been a character that many players have been waiting to learn more about as he plays a large role in Mondstadt’s story. Thanks to a new letter that he sent with the character Mika, fans are getting their first look at what Varka is like and what Mondstadt’s expedition team is up to.

Players can find out more about what this letter revealed here, along with what Mika has to say about Varka in Genshin Impact.

Mika reveals new information about Varka in Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact players got to meet the new 4-star character Mika for the first time during Mondstadt’s new Of Ballads and Brews event. Mika is a Cryo character who is set to be added in a future update, but he is currently an event-exclusive NPC. Mika appears during the event’s quests to provide information about Mondstadt’s expedition team and news about Varka, the Knights of Favonius Grandmaster.

/3.1 leaks (1/2) Varka writing “ahahaha” in his official KoF letter is so hilarious to me, I’m sorry. ????????

Varka has sent a letter to Mika providing details about their expedition and an unlikely encounter. The letter begins by explaining that everyone on the expedition is safe and that they are in the northernmost reaches of Teyvat at the moment. Varka then explains that the purpose of the expedition was related to a dangerous secret from long ago but states that he cannot elaborate further on the details. Surprisingly, during their travels, they crossed paths with the Fatui Harbinger known as Il Capitano. Varka’s letter then focuses on their interactions with the Harbinger:

Varka first states that Il Capitano was not hostile to them while they were together, though he suspects that this is due to the fact that Snezhnaya and the team were in the same boat at the time. He mentions that Il Capitano hides everything under his mask, including his past and his emotions, but it can be certain that his willpower is incredibly strong. He also reveals that even though he is incredibly powerful, Il Capitano is still just an ordinary mortal. However, he suspects that Il Capitano could take down a Ruin Guard singlehandedly with a single one of Klee’s crayons.

He continues by explaining that Il Capitano received orders to head to Natlan and promptly headed off to the land of Pyro. He admits that he will be able to sleep much sounder without him around, though his actions were helpful during their travels. Varka laments not being able to take part in this year’s Weinlesefest, but he says that everyone on the expedition team is thinking of their families, and he wishes the citizens of Mondstadt a happy festival. Varka finishes the letter with a joke about his strength compared to Il Capitano, along with a message for Lisa that she takes privately.

Omg I already want to meet Varka just from this, also the way Mika read the letter is killing me

Players have learned a lot about Varka’s character and personality from his letter. He states that he could take on Il Capitano in a fight, and this is likely true, considering even characters like Childe state that Varka is an incredibly powerful warrior.

Unfortunately, Genshin Impact fans didn’t get to learn more about why Mondstadt’s expedition team is traveling throughout Teyvat, but it does seem that their expedition is going well. It seems that players will need to wait for further appearances for more information about the mysterious character Varka.

Genshin Impact’s new event gave players more information about Mondstadt’s Grandmaster Varka.

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