“No broken bones” – Cody Ware survives hard wreck at NASCAR Texas race

Rick Ware Racing driver Cody Ware survived a hard wreck in Sunday’s Cup Series race at Texas Motor Speedway.

The life-threatening incident took place during the second half of the race at Texas Motor Speedway when Ware lost control of his car. He slammed into the outside wall into Turn 4 and then came to rest before barreling down the pit wall opening, and destroying the front end of his #51 Ford in the process.

He was able to get out of his car and was immediately taken in an ambulance to the in-field care center. He was treated and later released from the in-field care center. Moments after the incident, Ware’s team released a statement confirming that the #51 driver would return home after the race.

See Rick Ware Racing’s post below:

Team manager Robby Benton shared an update about his health, saying that X-rays at the care center showed that there were no fractures or broken bones. He also stated that Cody Ware had some ankle discomfort and would need to be checked by a specialist in Ortho Carolina this week as a precaution. Benton also claimed her expected Ware to return to action next week at Talladega Superspeedway.

Benton said:

“We are thankful to the track crew here. We had a bit of a delay going through the normal protocol of x-rays and reviews and making sure there were no fractures. All of that came back clear. He will be on the team plane with us to return to Charlotte tonight and we are happy he is OK.”

He continued:

“No broken bones. I feel like we will probably follow up just as a precaution. He will see a specialist with Ortho Carolina once we get home. For as hard of a hit as that was, we are thankful it is as clean as it is and he will be okay to go home tonight.”

“We’re extremely pleased that he is OK” – Elton Sawyer reacts to Cody Ware’s scary wreck

In an appearance on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, NASCAR’s vice president of Officiating and Technical Inspection, Elton Sawyer, stated that NASCAR will review Cody Ware’s wreck this week. This will include his #51 car, data, and the potential for changes to be implemented at the Texas Motor Speedway.

Speaking about Ware’s scary wreck, Sawyer said:

“You look at that hit that Cody had yesterday, and first and foremost, we’re extremely pleased that he is OK. It was a hard hit, both the first hit into the outside wall in Turn 4 and then as he came across the football field and made contact on the inside pit road.”

Cody Ware’s crash brought out the eighth caution period of Sunday’s AutoTrader EchoPark Automotive 500 on Lap 167 of 334. It also marked his seventh DNF of the season.

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