[PHOTO] WWE hands out interesting White Rabbit signs ahead of Extreme Rules 2022

WWE has been handing out intriguing White Rabbit signs ahead of Extreme Rules 2022.

The company has been teasing a new character for several weeks. It all started during the commercial breaks when the in-house crowd exclusively got to hear the White Rabbit song by Jefferson Airplane. The song was also played at the live event shows, followed by a red light illuminating the arena.

Subtle teases followed this on the main shows in the form of QR codes and fan signs. WWE also left flyers on the audience’s cars following an episode of SmackDown.

Last night on SmackDown, the fans saw their first appearance of the Rabbit. It was doing laps all over the arena.

Following this, a video was played insinuating that The Rabbit would show up at Extreme Rules. Ahead of the event, WWE is handing out flyers with a puzzle in it. WrestleZone’s John Clark shared the picture of the flyer.

“They are giving these away at #WWE #ExtremeRules outside. Someone decode for me!!!” John Clark Tweeted.


The video messages and now the flyers all indicate that the mysterious character will make his or her debut tonight at WWE Extreme Rules.

Who do you think is the White Rabbit? Drop your predictions in the comments section below.

A legend has pointed out the issue with the White Rabbit storyline here

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