Popular insider believes GTA 6 will be unveiled this month and released by 2024

It looks like the GTA 6 announcement is just around the corner, thanks to a report by a reliable insider.

Tez2, a famous insider, recently shared a report on GTAForums where he suggested that Rockstar might introduce GTA 6 as early as this month. He also suggested that the announcement might happen alongside a new UFO event in Grand Theft Auto Online near Halloween.

GTA 6 might be announced this month thanks to a new report


As seen in the aforementioned post, Tez2 emphasized that there is a possibility of a Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement this month at the same time when Grand Theft Auto Online players see UFOs in the game. He reported:

“I’m not saying the announcement is…gonna happen because a bunch of UFOs will show up on…Online.”

He also stated that Rockstar previously revealed the locations of both Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 in October. There’s a chance that the developers might follow the same path, according to him.

On the topic of the UFO event, the source shed light on it by stating:

“GTAO’s UFO event will occur synchronously alongside the period where we expect a major announcement….. Rockstar teased RDR2’s first announcement by tweeting a picture with a red background”

The source once again made reference to Red Dead Redemption 2’s announcement and further backed his claim.

According to the source, Rockstar will also be tweeting about the UFOs on Twitter in the coming days soon, like they did previously. Describing the possible tweet, he stated:

“We may receive a tweet like this one from Rockstar… the newspaper may have a small extra section below suggesting tropical storms in two days…. Thus, hinting at GTA6’s announcement.”

That’s not all, as Tez2 also shared Rockstar’s potential vision for the future. In another post, he mentioned the following three situations:

  • Current Grand Theft Auto Online’ updates being mid-sized only, no big updates
  • Red Dead Redemption Online development being put on hold
  • Potential remasters of classic games being shelved

According to him, all these things indicate that the developers are trying their best to release the next title in the series as soon as possible. He stated the following insights in the post:

“Rockstar is going all in to make sure GTA6 doesn’t slip up into 2025/2026.”

If this is believed to be true, then it makes the game’s announcement this month more likely. It also further supports a report by famous Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, who reported last July that Grand Theft Auto 6 might be released between April 2023 and March 2024.

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The leaks have already confirmed Jason Schreier’s predictions of dual protagonists in the Vice City setting.

Players should take all these hints with a grain of salt as the developers haven’t confirmed anything as of today. If they are going to announce their upcoming title this month, players can expect an official update soon.

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