Ravens Hollow Review & Ending Explained : All You Need To Know

Remember that time in literature class when you had to learn about poetry, when you learned about Edgar Allen Poe, and when you learned to quote the raven.

Here we have a film called Ravens Hollow that will be previewed on Shutter on September 22. Before I begin my review of Ravens Hollow, I would like you to share your opinions in the comments at the end of this review, what you think of this film ?

Ravens Hollow Review

And now, without further ado, let’s dive into this new Edgar Allen Poe film, Raven’s hollow, which tells the story of a West Point cadet named Edgar Allan Poe and four other cadets who, while on a training exercise in upstate New York, are drawn to a grisly discovery in a forgotten community.

The film stars melanie zanetti, william mosley, kate dickey, caleb woodhouse, david heyman, caleb mcgowan and many others and was directed by christopher hatton.

Raventalo begins with these four men on a journey one of them being edgar allan poe and they find this man who is hanging like a scarecrow and he’s about to die and he whispers these words raven and he ends up dying there and they take his body back to the nearest town called Ravens Hollow and when they get to this town which is very gothic and very structured.

There’s a lot of black and brown people, the only white person that’s really involved in this town is at this church.

Ravens Hollow Review

There’s a bunch of these people out by these cemetery stones and they ask them if they know this guy they found and they deny that they don’t remember this guy or know who he is and you feel right away that this movie is going to be a little bit scary, there’s going to be a little bit of a mystery to solve Edgar Allan Poe, he’s in the forefront of trying to solve this mystery that surrounds this town.

There is a lot of atmosphere in this film and also a lot of homage to Poe using names like Lenoir and Usher and also the famous sound of a beating heart and also the legend of the raven.

The townspeople talk to Poe and they always point to the raven, so there’s this legend about this town and he wants to investigate everything that’s really going on because…it seems like there’s something supernatural or something that involves this raven that the townspeople keep pointing to.

Since this is a period piece and the mystery is solved, I thought the movie was pretty well paced. I really like the different shots in this film, the shadows and the lighting that they do in this film, while also having all this dark gothic structure at night, there’s not a lot of lighting, they use fire and in the daytime, the sky is dark gray, it’s really eerie.

It feels like there’s a lot of death in the air, there’s not a lot of life in this town and a lot of people are trying to hide and get away from this… called raven that they keep talking about.

Ravens Hollow Review

The costumes match the look well for the locals, they wear black because it’s that kind of gothic town and most of them are pale white while the cadets wear teal with a mix of brown.

There are some graphic parts in the movie, but the movie is not overly gory, however I think the deaths are gruesome enough to hold the viewer’s attention, the chilling music did a very good job of making the music effective in the high and low moments of the movie, I didn’t really like the love story in this movie, I didn’t feel it was necessary it wasn’t necessary.

It felt very forced, the film also has budget restrictions that prevent it from being a dark tale and because they prevent it, the film is a bit bland, I think it needed a bit more spice to elevate it a bit more.

Most of the scares don’t really do the trick for me, they seem very superficial, and also because of the budget, it kind of brings the movie down for me, and I think the music and atmosphere really make up for the lack of scares in this movie.

So I really feel like at the end of the day, this movie is just an okay movie and not really a watchable movie for me.

There’s a certain atmosphere, great homages to Edgar Allan Poe, which I really like, learning more about him and his life and what he really went through, but this movie doesn’t focus on his life, he’s just an investigator and I feel like this movie has a little bit of horror elements.

But at the same time, it feels more like a mystery thriller than a horror movie. So I’m going to give this movie a rating of 2.75 out of 5, it’s a decent movie.

I didn’t hate watching this movie, I enjoyed it, but I don’t think it’s a movie to watch again anytime soon

Ravens Hollow Ending Explained

Ravens Hollow Ending Explained

The Parallels between Raven’s Hollow & Poe’s Work ?

Raven’s Hollow may not be a faithful translation of the poem but there are many parallels. In one point, Charlotte (Melanie Zanetti), a mysterious, charming villager, tells Poe about the demon/bird that killed Lenore. This leaves her parents grieving, much like the poem’s narrator. The rest of the film is dominated by Charlotte’s story, which becomes Poe’s love interest.

Ravens Hollow Ending Explained

Charlotte and other villagers see the raven as an evil, demonic presence. Stable hand Usher (Get it: “The Fall of The House of Usher”) says that there is no bird. It’s not clear to me. Spirit? Devil? It is bad medicine, according to Indians. It’s been there since before their times.” Usher’s poem ends with the raven being called “Thing of Evil, Prophet Still, if Bird or Devil.” As Usher’s tale is laughed at by the cadets, the death toll increases. 

Raven’s Hollow doesn’t have a lot of blood or gore, but it does contain more than one devilish death. Poe, the film’s narrator, becomes convinced that the bird is evil. Like the narrator he falls into madness and obsessive fear about the raven. This plays up Edgar Allan Poe’s reputation as a mad, mad Edgar Allan Poe for good or ill.

The bird is a symbol of loss, perhaps the most important. After Lenore’s passing, Charlotte’s family was forever changed. After losing his colleagues one by one, Poe becomes demented. Poe’s mental state worsens with each death that he experiences, just like every stanza in “The Raven”. It consumes Poe.

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