Reports: The Phoenix Suns are expected to be sold at a record price, Robert Sarver deals with an investment bank for management

With everything that has been going through with the Phoenix Suns, there seems to be hope for the franchise as their controversial owner has decided to sell the team. Robert Sarver is currently working with an investment bank as they look for a new owner.

According to NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, one investment bank told ESPN:

“It’ll be the highest price ever paid for an NBA team.”

“It’ll be the highest price ever paid for an NBA team,” one investment bank official tells ESPN.…

Sarver was suspended for a year from the Suns and Mercury organizations. Additionally, he was fined $10 million for his racist remarks as the league began their investigation.

After team sponsors threatened to pull out if the issue was not addressed properly, he was forced to sell the team. Sarver is currently reported to have chosen an investment bank to help manage the team’s sale.

The Phoenix Suns might get a new owner soon. After all, they are a team worth investing in after the success they’ve had in recent years.

With all these issues, can the Phoenix Suns get back to playing winning basketball?

Adelaide 36ers v Phoenix Suns
Adelaide 36ers v Phoenix Suns

After a disastrous Game 7 against the Dallas Mavericks last season, the morale in the Suns dressing room seems to be low. Besides the Robert Sarver issue, there also seems to be a problem between head coach Monty Williams and star center Deandre Ayton.

According to Ayton, neither he nor the head coach have had a chance to talk to each other since that Game 7. To add to that, even Devin Booker had a summer without talking to the head coach. However, this could be a strategy of Williams to get his players’ minds off basketball.

In their most recent preseason bout against the Adelaide 36ers, the Suns lost by 10 points despite having all their starters playing. It’s a big question as to how the team will start the regular season after this humiliating loss.

The Phoenix Suns’ first regular-season game is against the Dallas Mavericks at home on Oct. 20. Chris Paul and Devin Booker will be looking for revenge.

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