Richard Sherman claims Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill split benefited both sides

After a month of regular season action, Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill are getting graded on how they’ve performed since splitting earlier this year. Like many offseason splits, the loss of Hill was emotionally tough for Chiefs fans. However, former NFL cornerback Richard Sherman gave both resoundingly great grades on the Richard Sherman Podcast, claiming both sides benefitted.

Here’s how he put it:

“It seems like a win-win for both sides. Tyreek Hill is leading the league in receiving yards at 477 and Pat Mahomes is passing and divvying it out to everybody available. They’re spreading the ball around there.”

I got to thinking last night. If you were putting a highlight reel together of Patrick Mahomes best moments. What would they be? Here’s my favorite Mahomes Moments in 2 minutes. These are the top 9. I’ll send out another tweet after this. #Chiefs

He went on, claiming the Chiefs got better without their star wide receiver:

“They seem to be tougher to stop without Tyreek because there’s nobody to focus on. And Pat Mahomes does not seem like he has a care in the world who he gives the ball to or who scores.”

Another fact: since Patrick Mahomes became starting QB, the Chiefs lead the league in Wins (53), Points (2,098) and 3rd Down Conversion % (49.2)

Patrick Mahomes’ stellar opening four games

There wasn’t much doubt that Tyreek Hill would succeed in getting open with the Miami Dolphins. However, the real question for most was whether Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs would implode. So far, the team and the quarterback have ascended or at least treaded water in the eyes of most.


The team has scored 40 points twice in four games. No. 15 already has 11 touchdown passes with only two interceptions. Coming into the year, many expected the team to visibly fall off without Hill, but that has not happened. The Chiefs are 3-1, but they do have one knock doubters will take notice of.

In Week 3, the Indianapolis Colts, who tied the Texans and were shut out by the Jaguars, knocked off Kansas City 20-17. If the Colts can defeat the Chiefs, doubters argue, what other surprising losses are in store? The team may look good now, but the season is long and the team will likely face more difficult teams in the playoffs than the Colts.


Will the quarterback root out any remaining dissenters this year or will doubters be circling the wagons by New Year’s Eve?

Nonetheless, the Chiefs will continue their quest, hosting their division rivals, the Las Vegas Raiders, in Week 5. The Raiders are off to a 1-3 start this season and will be looking to bounce back.

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