Surprising revelations emerge on CM Punk’s side reportedly backing off his claims against The Elite during backstage scuffle at AEW All Out media scrum

New reports claim that CM Punk’s side and the Elite have unanimously agreed that it was the former who threw the first punch during the AEW All Out backstage brawl.

There has been an ongoing investigation to find out what exactly happened that day, and multiple reports regarding the fight have come forward. The brawl was said to have sparked when the Young Bucks confronted the Second City Saint in his locker room. Apart from Punk and the Elite, trainer Ace Steel also got involved in the chaos.

According to a new report from Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live, there really aren’t two sides to the story anymore. He also mentioned that the only disagreement between the two parties at the moment is on the reason the former AEW World Champion started punching.

“The thing about the brawl is there really aren’t two sides of the story anymore. There were two sides of the story for a while but now pretty much both sides agree that CM Punk threw the first punch. The Punk side has backed off the kicking the door down thing. They have admitted [The Bucks] didn’t kick the door down. The Young Bucks did go into the room. They didn’t just go into the room with the head of legal. They went into the room with the head of legal (Megha Parekh) and the head of talent relations (Christopher Daniels). So they ain’t kicking down the door and like I said, both sides agree they didn’t kick down the door. Really the only disagreement at this point is were the Bucks aggressive? Punk’s side admitted he threw the first punch. The only disagreement is was he actually in fear for his safety or did he just start punching?” (via WhatCulture)

I’m still a fan of CM Punk, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks.

CM Punk and the Elite remain suspended since the AEW All Out brawl

Tony Khan made the decision to suspend all the involved individuals following the backstage chaos.

Not only that, but CM Punk and the Elite were stripped of their AEW World and AEW Trios Championships respectively. Punk has also suffered an injury recently which will keep him out of action for around eight months. As far as The Elite are concerned, they announced the hiatus on their official Twitter account.

While there have been fewer reports surrounding the trio, multiple reports indicate that Punk may never wrestle in the Jacksonville-based promotion again. Do you want to see him back? Sound off in the comments section below!

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