Taking a look at NBA players who have dated Queen of Pop Madonna

With the insane amount of famous people who have played in the NBA throughout its history, one would think that Madonna might have had more than one that caught her eye. But, in the league’s history, there’s only been one player good enough for the “Queen of Pop.”

In the world of music, Madonna is a legend. With hit songs like “Like a Virgin,” “Material Girl” and “Vogue,” among many others, Madonna has made a name for herself. She has won seven out of the 28 Grammy nominations of her career. Throughout those years where she dominated the charts, Madonna paid attention to only one NBA player.

Back in the 90s, Dennis Rodman of the Chicago Bulls was known to be an entire character in the NBA. Because of this, Madonna made an exception, and the two started dating. Fans and other players knew that Rodman and Madonna were an item, but not everyone knew all the details.

Two decades later, Rodman revealed in an interview on 105.1’s The Breakfast Club that Madonna offered him $20 million to impregnate her. As crazy as it seems, the two never had a child together.


Aside from Rodman, no one in the NBA really caught Madonna’s attention. There were rumors about some players, but there was never confirmation of those rumored relationships.

The Chicago Bulls might have a tougher 2022-23 NBA season

Chicago Bulls v Philadelphia 76ers
Chicago Bulls v Philadelphia 76ers

The Chicago Bulls are coming off an impressive 2021-22 NBA run. The addition of DeMar DeRozan proved the doubters wrong during their last campaign. They started the year very strongly and were able to be the number one team in the East for a short period of time. Still, it made them a playoff team that wasn’t supposed to be underestimated. The Bulls’ early season success helped them secure a playoff spot as the team racked up a ton of injuries.

This year, however, it doesn’t look like the team has done anything significant to improve their roster. It’s still the same group, but with the addition of a decent backup center, Andre Drummond. Fortunately for the Bulls, it looks like Drummond has improved his outside shooting.

One major issue that the Bulls haven’t addressed yet is Lonzo Ball’s injury. He’s had knee injuries, and the season hasn’t started yet. It’s a scary injury as Ball has relayed it to the public as a serious threat to his career. So far, there hasn’t been any progress as to how the Bulls are planning on handling Ball’s injury.


The 2022-23 NBA season is bound to see Ball miss a huge chunk of it due to his injury. The Chicago Bulls have to make their roster work to compete against the improving teams of the East.

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