“That guy barely laughs” – Wrestling fans react to Bloodline member breaking character on WWE RAW 

On this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, Bloodline member Solo Sikoa was seen breaking character, courtesy of Sami Zayn.

During a backstage segment featuring The Bloodline, Zayn’s antics made Sikoa laugh. Interestingly enough, the former North American Champion is barely ever seen smiling on television.

WWE fans took note of Sikoa breaking character for a brief moment and reacted to it. Taking to Twitter, fans shared their take on the same.

Check out a few hilarious tweet reactions:

Sami Zayn is in a league all by himself ???????? he has no reason being this entertaining https://t.co/f6VnFSYvF6

So far Sami Zayn had gotten the entire Bloodline to break character ???? https://t.co/tGtxPgbXQE

Sami Zayn & Jimmy were having a combo that made even Solo Sikoa break. That guy barely laughs ????

@TheEnemiesPE3 Solo is supposed to keep a straight face but he can’t ????

Sikoa was called up to the main roster at Clash at the Castle. During the premium live event in the UK, he assisted Roman Reigns in retaining the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

The Enforcer’s distraction was enough for Reigns to beat Drew McIntyre and retain his world titles in the process.

Jim Cornette believes Jacob Fatu should replace Solo Sikoa in The Bloodline

Wrestling veteran Jim Cornette recently suggested that Jacob Fatu should replace Solo Sikoa in The Bloodline.

Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette claimed that Sikoa doesn’t have the “lunatic” look that it requires to play the role of an enforcer. He said:

“He’s serious, he’s acting serious about this, he’s got the facials, he looks great. I wanted to like him more in this match even than I did. Not saying there’s anything wrong with him, but there’s a lot of punches and kicks. I’m just thinking, Jacob Fatu in this spot would be a million-dollar player that they can probably work for a year, year and a half, and end up splitting, and having Roman Reigns vs. Jacob Fatu and gross millions of dollars on pay-per-view. Solo is serious and he’s a good athlete and his work so far is okay, I’d like to see a little more variety. He’s got intensity, but he doesn’t look like a lunatic,”

Fatu is currently competing in Major League Wrestling and is the son of former WWE star Tonga Kid.

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