“The best he’s ever been right now” – Tony Khan looks back at the career of a former AEW World Champion

AEW President Tony Khan has never shied away from building up the stars on his roster, and in a recent interview, he put one particular star on a massive pedestal.

All Elite Wrestling has a roster that has been equally praised as well as called “bloated” by fans online. However, with a list of veterans, legends, and rising stars and only three hours a week, not everyone can get their fair share of time. Regardless of the backlash, Tony Khan remains positive about his promotion’s future.

During Tony Khan’s recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, he went into deep praise for the inaugural World Champion, Chris Jericho.

“Chris has found the foundation of youth. His matches this year have been the best matches he’s had in AEW. It’s the fans saying that around the world and also the people he’s been in the ring with,” Khan said.

Khan continued, recalling something Jon Moxley once told him of The Ocho.

“Jon and Chris have wrestled all over the world, [and] Jon said to me first-hand: ‘Chris is the best he’s ever been right now.’ He was blown away. It was Jon who asked for the Lionheart to come back, and he got what he asked for. Chris came back, better than ever.” (H/T: WrestleZone)

Despite his new zest in life, Jericho has also faced some backlash online, especially after winning the ROH World Championship. However, the WWE legend believes that the veteran was given the title to elevate Ring of Honor as a whole.

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The former AEW World Champion recently spoke on his age as well as his inevitable retirement

Chris Jericho is 51 years old and has had a career that has outlasted many of his peers in both relevancy and length. Unfortunately, the legend will eventually have to step back and allow the next generation to take over, but right now he doesn’t see an end in sight.

During a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Chris Jericho spoke on some of the criticism he gets from the AEW fanbase.

“I’m one of the best every night. I always say that when I lose a match, it’s the best match. When I win a match, suddenly it’s 51-year-old Jericho holding down the young guys. I don’t mind. If I can reinvent myself and maybe have four or five more years wrestling at the highest of levels, why not do it?” (H/T: GQ Magazine).

Chris Jericho is ROH world champion, 2022 in wrestling just keeps getting weirder. ???? https://t.co/1IZ8JNJS55

Now that he’s reigning as the ROH World Champion, what could be next for the AEW star? Will his reputation be enough to establish a promotion and allow him to reach new heights, or will he simply be a transitional champion?

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