The Rookie – Season 5 Episode 1 “Double Down” Recap & Review

Double Down

Our favorite Los Angeles officers are back on the small screen again and it looks like they are still bringing the heat this season. Episode 1 of The Rookie Season 5 starts with Rosalind being transferred to the court for her trial. (If you don’t remember her, she is the serial killer who kidnapped Lucy and has a weird infatuation with Nolan.) Security is upped and most hands are on deck to ensure the trial goes well.

Nolan is at a good point in his career, following the last case he did, the Chief gives him a golden card. He can choose any assignment in LAPD, he can choose any unit, division, or position he wants the department to train him on. It is a big decision and the chief asks him to take his time. Everyone starts to chime in on the unit they think he should consider but Nolan is thinking of using the ticket to get back on track and become a training officer.

Lucy and Bradford (Tim) are trying to downplay their kiss, and Lucy is denying the kiss meant anything. She says it was just part of being professional and helping them nail their undercover storyline. We would be inclined to believe her if she was not having steamy dreams about it. Meanwhile, Bradford tells Lopez about the kiss, prompting her to ask him if he has feelings for Lucy. Bradford simply rambles on about why he can’t be with Lucy but never answers the question directly.

In the meantime, Lucy and Bradford’s undercover case is getting hot. They get contacted to fly to Vegas with Madras and get a man from a competitor’s cartel operation. The man supposedly has important intel that will help Madras take over their competitor’s business. The news of Rosalind’s escape hits Lucy hard and Bradford gives her an out from the undercover operation but Lucy says she “got this.”

Back at the courthouse, Rosalind and Nolan have another reunion. Rosalind as usual tries to get Nolan off his game but Nolan is immune to her tactics. Things were going as smoothly as you can expect when dealing with a diabolical serial killer until the part where she manages to escape.

Rosalind’s lawyer, Beth, helped her escape and Harper (who is heavily pregnant) takes the lead in her interrogation. Beth says she has a message from Rosalind to Nolan. The message is clear and it is meant to taunt and torment Nolan. Rosalind loves playing mind games and knows which buttons to press with Nolan.

Before she goes under the radar, Rosalind kills 3 people and leaves a “present” for Lucy in her apartment.

The Episode Review

It is on brand that Nolan chose to use the golden card to be a training officer. It is noble but he had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to fast-track his career and he chose this. It is still a good choice and we will see how it pans out this season. Rosalind is still in the winds and hopefully, they will get her soon.

Lucy and Bradford are using this undercover ruse to explore their feelings without the weight of acknowledging them. They are playing with fire and they can’t deny their sizzling chemistry forever. Based on the slow intensity of their kisses, they will need to define their relationship sooner rather than later.

Lucy has been through a lot throughout the show. It took her a long time to get over her trauma from the kidnap. Rosalind escaping and messing with her again is going to have an impact on her this season. This first episode felt like a teaser for all the action-packed and emotional sucker punches we will go through this season. And yes, we should buckle up, it is gonna be a hell of a ride!

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Expect A Full Season Write-Up When This Season Concludes!

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