“They have been too critical” – Liverpool legend jumps in defense of Manchester United star Harry Maguire

Liverpool legend John Barnes has defended Manchester United captain Harry Maguire amidst a flurry of criticism aimed towards the England defender.

Barnes, who is the brand ambassador for Bonus Code Bets, sat down for an exclusive chat with them, where he spoke of multiple things, including Maguire’s struggles.

When asked if the fans have been too critical of the English defender, Barnes said:

They have been too critical. Harry Maguire never played well against Germany but I don’t think he’s ever necessarily played badly for England.”

Explaining why Maguire is important to England, the former Liverpool man said:

“Even though at Manchester United he may not have been doing particularly well, a lot of England players regardless of how they play with their club are going to be going to the World Cup because they don’t let England down and I don’t think he’s necessarily let England down.”

Maguire made a mistake which led to Germany’s opener in a recent 3-3 draw. The Manchester United man also gave the ball away for the Germans to score their second.

Barnes, admitting the defender’s mistake (albeit for a different goal it would seem), added:

“Yes he made a mistake for the third goal but I don’t think, overall, looking at performances in the last six, seven, eight, nine, ten England matches he’s let England down.”

Barnes further stated that the English defender is a key member of Gareth Southgate’s team.

“He’s a mainstay and one of the leaders for England, so I will always have Harry Maguire playing for England regardless of his form at Manchester United unless it’s going to be disastrous at Manchester United, which it isn’t. We do like to get carried away with the negativity and criticism which isn’t fair on Harry.”

Is Manchester United captain Harry Maguire’s criticism over the top?

The Red Devils paid £80m to Leicester City to sign Harry Maguire. The price tag brought its own set of expectations and that is where the Englishman has perhaps buckled.

Maguire is not a poor defender but he is not a world-beater either. He is an average English defender, who is primarily defined by his sky-high price tag.

The incessant criticism and pressure on the player has led to him committing more errors as he appears to have buckled under stress on the pitch.

While criticism from some corners has indeed crossed unnecessary boundaries, Maguire’s consistent run of poor displays has also opened him up to some fairly adjudged negative reviews.

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Edited by Sankalp Srivastava

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