“This is a franchise crippling disaster” – Nick Wright claims Broncos’ Russell Wilson trade will go down as the worst of all time 

Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos suffered another disappointing loss on Thursday night against the Indianapolis Colts.

In a game that highlighted the poor state of the offense on both teams, Wilson ultimately became the culprit of the loss.

The Broncos lost the game 12-9 following overtime after Russell Wilson failed to convert a 4th-and-1, turning the ball over.

Wilson also threw an interception late in the fourth quarter when the team was in field goal range, and his poor start to the season has raised some serious questions regarding his acquisition from the Seattle Seahawks.

On First Things First this week, Nick Wright claimed that Wilson trade from the Seahawks to the Broncos could turn out to be the worst in the history of the league.

Here’s what Wright said about the struggles of Wilson and the Broncos:

“I do not say this lightly. The Broncos’ trade for Russell Wilson will go down in NFL history as one of the worst of trades ever. This is a franchise crippling disaster.”


“The three players, the two firsts, the two seconds, a mid-round pick and the quarter of a billion dollars puts them in a position where, right now, the Denver Broncos have the worst quarterback situation in the entire NFL.”

Nick Wright continued:

“He’s not the worst quarterback in the NFL but there is not a single team in the league that would trade their quarterback and the contract that goes along with that quarterback for what the Broncos now have. They are tied to this man through 2027 at the earliest.”

Russell Wilson hasn’t looked great so far this season for the Broncos.

The position of head coach Nathaniel Hackett is also under jeopardy as their offense as a whole has looked tragic.

If things aren’t fixed quickly, we could possibly see the Broncos parting ways with Hackett sooner rather than later.

Road ahead doesn’t get easier for Russell Wilson’s Broncos

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders

Following two successive defeats against the Las Vegas Raiders and the Indianapolis Colts, the Denver Broncos are now 2-3.

They’ll face the Los Angeles Chargers next week, and there is a strong possibility that the game could be the last one for Nathaniel Hackett.

The Chargers are part of the same division as the Broncos, and if Russell Wilson is once again unable to perform well, a personnel change will be expected by the franchise if they want to save their season.

Russell Wilson’s first 5 Denver games:????1,254 pass yards????4 TDs/3 INTs????59.4 CMP%????82.8 QBR????2-3 recordDrew Lock’s first 5 Denver games:????1,020 pass yards????7 TDs/3 INTs????64.1 CMP%????89.7 QBR????4-1 record https://t.co/KZsAUmeise

The road to the playoffs has already become tougher for the Broncos following a poor start to the season, and they need to get back to winning ways.

Otherwise ‘Mr. Unlimited’ won’t be able to cook anything in the postseason.

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