Twitter rejoices as Spy x Family returns for its 2nd cour in rousing fashion

The smash-hit anime series Spy x Family has finally returned to regular broadcasting with the arrival of its second cour, much to anime fans’ joy. This slice-of-life series was the talk of Spring 2022, nearly becoming a universally enjoyable show by the time the 12th and final episode of the first cour aired.

Thankfully, fans are already being treated to the release of the second cour, with Spy x Family episode 13 seemingly being as big a hit as any episode in the series thus far. Fans have taken to Twitter to celebrate the premiere of Spy x Family cour 2, and share their excitement on what’s to come in season 2 of the series.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down fans’ reaction to Spy x Family episode 13.

Spy x Family cour 2 arrives in series’ classic flashy, over-the-top style accentuated by familial themes

Fan reactions

Unsurprisingly, the biggest aspect of Spy x Family episode 13 that fans are discussing is the return of the Forger family. While many have a favorite within the Forgers, which they may highlight in their discussions, fans are generally excited to see the full family return to the small screen.

Fans are also praising the animation quality, with Wit Studios and Cloverworks unsurprisingly delivering more fantastically drawn animated sequences. Despite not being a show that constantly pulls out all the action-based stops, Spy x Family episode 13 perfectly embodies how every nook and cranny in the show feels exceptionally well-made and cared for.

The introduction of Bond, who is suggested in the latest episode to eventually become the Forger’s pet dog, is also a highlight fans are discussing. Despite not knowing exactly how it will occur, fans seem confident that the tease of his living with the Forgers will indeed come to fruition at some point during Spy x Family cour 2.

Another major highlight for fans seems to be the dynamic the Forger family has with each other. One fan even goes as far as to discuss how comfort can be felt in every moment and smile shared between the Forger family. Fans are praising how this fake anime family is still able to have healthy, domestic moments with one another.

This is truly a highlight of the series for many, especially as this fake family begins to care for and love each other just as much as any real family would. For many, this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the show. The reasons behind this are many, ranging from feel-good moments being enjoyable to watch to their deepening bond providing clear paths of character development.

Loid Forger’s deepening bond in particular is something which fans seem excited about, with many sharing moments of him from the 13th episode which symbolize as much. Fans are also praising how the opening theme visuals seem to be from Loid’s perspective, as well as the symbolic visuals of Anya and Yor being seen in twilight or sunset during the theme.

not only spy x family new op is from loid perspective, someone also pointing out that most scene of yor and anya is happening during the sunset or twilight

Overall, fans are not only incredibly excited for the arrival of cour 2, but just as happy with the quality of the series’ second cour seen thus far. The show’s feverish fanbase has once again found happiness with Forger’s return to the weekly small screen.

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