UFC legend on why Conor McGregor’s latest wrestling video is proof that the Irishman is “coming back” – “This is the surest thing to a guarantee”

Chael Sonnen has explained why Conor McGregor’s latest wrestling video proves he’s serious about his return. The video featured on TheMacLife showed the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion in grueling wrestling training.

Conor McGregor suffered a horrific leg injury in his lightweight bout against Dustin Poirier last July and hasn’t competed since. McGregor’s detractors have been skeptical as to whether the Irishman will ever compete in the octagon again.

In an edition of Beyond the Fight, Sonnen addressed McGregor’s training video. The UFC legend lauded ‘The Notorious’ for his anti-wrestling prowess. He suggested that McGregor, a striking savant, is brilliant at refusing to play by traditional wrestling norms in his fights.

Watch the training video below:


Moreover, ‘The Bad Guy’ insinuated that McGregor isn’t training to just look good on social media, but is seriously rebuilding himself for a comeback. Sonnen stated:

“You don’t play wrestling. It’s very difficult. It’s very hard stuff. And the fact that Conor McGregor is out there on a weekend — pushing and pulling, holding the stance and he’s wrestling — guys, he’s coming back.”

Sonnen continued:

“This is the surest thing to a guarantee we’ve had — Not his tweets, not his memes, not him hitting pads. The fact that Conor McGregor, who is down a good 15 pounds, is pushing, pulling, and wrestling — something you don’t play, something you don’t do to burn calories. Conor McGregor is coming back.”

Watch Sonnen discuss the topic at 5:54 in the video below:


Conor McGregor claims to be “light years ahead” of his foes as he prepares for his UFC return

The consensus is that McGregor is likely to make his highly-anticipated return in February/March 2023. However, his exact comeback date, opponent, and the weight class haven’t been officially confirmed yet. Regardless, in a series of now-deleted Instagram videos, the UFC megastar looked optimistic regarding his return.

‘Mystic Mac’ believes that he’s developed a unique style, making him dangerous everywhere. He’s said to be working to ensure that his grappling skills catch up with his outstanding striking. McGregor warned that he’d be going for his opponent’s neck and be dangerous wherever the fight goes. McGregor noted:

“The most accurate downward striking fighter now has the most accurate, slicing upward shots. I’ve truly developed a nowhere to go for my opponent scenario. I am telling you. I am light years ahead.”

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