Watch: Adorable video of UFC middleweight Sam Alvey being greeted by his pet camel 

Sam Alvey recently proved that dogs are not the only animals capable of greeting their human friends. The former UFC middleweight fighter posted a video of his excited pet camel trying to greet him.

Alvey fought under the UFC banner between 2014 to 2022. The American also holds the record for the second-most number of fights in a period of 12 months after Donald Cerrone.

He was last seen in the UFC octagon against Michał Oleksiejczuk at UFC on ESPN 40. Alvey lost the fight via TKO in the first round. Following his eighth loss in nine fights, it was announced that Alvey would be released from the UFC.

In a cheerful video that Alvey shared on his Instagram, his happy-go-lucky pet camel couldn’t contain it’s excitement while greeting the American.

Watch the clip below:

Sam Alvey reveals how much the negative comments bothered him during his nine-fight winless streak

Between 2018 and 2022, Sam Alvey was on an unfortunate nine-fight winless streak that included eight losses and one draw.

The UFC let Alvey have his last fight on the contract and notified him beforehand that he may not be resigned. The American fought against Michal Oleksiejczuk to conclude his chapter with the UFC, a fight which he ultimately lost via first-round TKO.

Following the loss, the MMA community implored Sam Alvey to retire from the sport, while others resorted to plain mockery of his turbulent run.

Please Sam Alvey. For the love of God stop. That’s 8 losses in a row now. Good lord.

In an interview on The MMA Hour, Alvey revealed that the negative comments did bother him. However, it took him some time to rationalize that he has more fans who wish for his well-being than the pessimists who try to degrade him:

“People on the internet want to say what they want to say, and that’s fine with me. A lot of those bad comments, there were twice as many people defending me. It’s just that the bad comments always stick out to the guy more. I’ll post something, I’ll get 4,000 likes, but that one comment saying ‘you s**k’ is the comment you just keep reading over and over in your head. And once I got over that, once I looked at the likes, once I looked at the love I got online, particularly, it was a lot easier to rationalize the fewer people that wanted to bring me down.”

Watch Sam Alvey’s interview on The MMA Hour below:


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