WATCH: Most emotional moments in WWE history

WWE has been a part of the lives of millions of fans across the globe. Viewers connect themselves with the superstars emotionally. They also wish for the performers’ success inside and outside the squared circle.

In its script, the promotion tries to bring a wide range of emotions out of fans. However, events outside storylines have also led to some tear-jerker moments in the programming.


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From the rise of an underdog to mourning the unfortunate demise of loved ones, there have been many emotional moments in the promotion’s history that no one can forget.

These are some of the most emotional moments in WWE history

The five moments we have chosen for the video above are:

  • Kofi Kingston becomes world champion
  • Roman Reigns’ Leukemia revelation
  • The tribute to Eddie Guerrero
  • Shawn Michaels retires Ric Flair
  • The end of Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak

Watch the video in its entirety to get on an emotional roller coaster and recall the complete unfolding of these events.

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