We’re actually NPC’s in his Metaverse – Fans outrage at Dana White for “lying” after Mark Zuckerberg is seen cageside with wife at UFC Vegas 61 

Fans slammed Dana White after Mark Zuckerberg was seen cageside at UFC Vegas 61 along with his wife. The event was closed to the media and fans, with rumors suggesting that it would be exclusively staged for the Meta CEO.

White, who had previously assured fans that Zuckerberg did not rent out the UFC Apex, was accused of ‘lying’. Mocking the Facebook chief, a fan stated that we’re probably non-player characters in his Metaverse. @LeftyRighty84 wrote:

We’re actually npc’s in his metverse

Another suggested that Zuckerberg had brought the UFC Apex instead of renting it.

Mark Zuckerberg is a dick for renting out the Apex.

While White lost credibility with fans in general, some even put the blame solely on him rather than on Zuckerberg.

@aaronbronsteter Wonder how long before #DanaLied trends……… The way he makes his fighters look like morons is so gross.

@SpinninBackfist When Dana said it was bullshit, that should’ve been the greatest indicator that it was true. ????

@DamonMartin I bet this is one of those things that Dana does some shady stuff but people ignorantly blame someone else. Usually fighters, but in this case Zuckerberg.

Luke Thomas of CBS Sports opined that Mark Zuckerberg allegedly renting out the UFC Apex isn’t the most important question. Thomas believes that we need to dwell on whether the Meta CEO’s presence is synonymous with everyone else’s absence. The American journalist wrote:

“Folks getting lost into the question of ‘rent’ as if that’s the central one. The issue is whether everyone else’s absence is a function of his presence, not whether that’s predicated on a financial transaction.”

Folks getting lost into the question of ‘rent’ as if that’s the central one. The issue is whether everyone else’s absence is a function of his presence, not whether that’s predicated on a financial transaction. twitter.com/barstoolsports…

@lthomasnews This whole thing is gross to me. The media and fans aren’t good enough to be around him? Unreal.

Having to fight in front of only super rich people seems like some real shady underground fight club stuff lol

Some fans believe that the reason White dared close off the event for the media and fans was because of it being a relatively weak card. Others suggest that Zuckerberg might be a potential buyer of the UFC.

@SpinninBackfist Why didn’t he just do this during covid when it was empty anyway?! Instead of costing 20k fans experience to the fights? At least it was a shit card. I guess dana would never allow rhat to happen if I was a decent card. Or ppv card. But still. . . That’s bullshit.

@erikmagraken Not sure if anyone’s printed this but 1 thing I remember when Endeavor brought in was 1 commentator saying he didn’t think Ari & co in for long haul. Just get it to certain level & sell. I know Zuck’s fortunes almost in (comparitive) freefall, but he’d be a (pot) targeted buyer

Ilir Latifi calls out Mark Zuckerberg for a bonus

Ilir Latifi met Aleksei Oleinik in the only heavyweight bout of the UFC Vegas 61 card. ‘The Sledgehammer’ scored a dominant decision win over Oleinik, outpointing the veteran both on the feet and on the ground.

Latifi took ‘The Boa Constrictor’ down early in round 1 and spent the rest of the opening frame in top control. ‘The Sledgehammer’ was visibly faster on the feet than his veteran opponent. Latifi outlanded Oleinik throughout the rest of the bout, pressing him against the cage at regular intervals and landing takedowns.

In his post-fight octagon interview, Latifi urged Mark Zuckerberg, who was present cageside, to throw in a bonus. The 40-year-old said:

“I want that bonus tonight. And Mark, I know Mark from Facebook is here. You can throw in a bonus too, you know. Help us out.”

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