“What have they done to my boy?” – WWE legend criticizes the booking of Austin Theory 

WWE legend Jim Cornette recently showcased his displeasure at the booking of Money in the Bank winner Austin Theory.

Theory has lately suffered a few losses on WWE programming. The former United States Champion has lost to the likes of Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, and Bobby Lashley. To add insult to injury, he was knocked out by Tyson Fury at Clash at the Castle before getting the chance to cash in his MITB contract.

Speaking on a recent edition of the Jim Cornette Experience, the wrestling veteran discussed Theory’s booking of late. He went off on how Theory, among other talents, is not allowed to look at the camera while delivering backstage promos.

“Austin Theory, what have they done to my boy?,” said Cornette. “He did a backstage interview and it was more noticeable here because he’s a guy that wants to look at people he’s talking to, and wants to as a cocky heel. You could tell he’s trying not to look at the camera because they’re still telling, for whatever reason that Vince [McMaho] had in his demented mind, the talent still in a pre-tape backstage with an interview will not look at the camera because Vince didn’t like that.” [00:01 – 00:34]

Jim Cornette then spoke about the former United States Champion having the physical tools in the world, but the booking has let him down in WWE in recent months.

“This guy was going to be the chosen one, he got the Money in the Bank briefcase, he was Vince’s [McMahon] protege. He’s a tremendous worker. He’s got the physical tools, everything. And now just, whatever he did to piss whoever off, since Vince has been gone he’s a flunky. He’s clinging to that Money in the Bank briefcase by a thread and that is the only thing he’s got in his back pocket. And he had that before they started this tear down project.” [01:40 – 02:15]


Who is Austin Theory facing next week on WWE RAW?

Theory is scheduled to face Johnny Gargano next Monday on the red brand. Gargano returned to WWE on the August 22 episode of RAW after spending nine months as a free agent. Austin Theory interrupted Johnny Wrestling’s promo and got a superkick to the face.

On last night’s RAW, Austin Theory bashed Gargano in the face with the Money in the Bank briefcase to cost him his match against Otis. The former NXT Champion appeared on RAW Talk following the show and challenged the 25-year-old to a match next week at the Barclays Center.

Theory and Gargano go a long way. During their NXT days, the two men were involved in a stable named The Way. However, the group was dismantled as Theory moved on to the main roster, and Gargano went on a hiatus from wrestling to celebrate becoming a father.

When do you think Austin Theory should cash in his Money in the Bank contract? Let us know in the comments section below.

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