“What’s the point in having wet tyres; FIA are ruining this sport”- Fans fume over 2022 F1 Singapore GP’s delay

The 2022 F1 Grand Prix of Singapore has been delayed by over an hour after heavy rains poured down on the city.

The weather forecast has been reflecting the chances of rain throughout the weekend. Although the first two practice sessions were dry, FP3 was covered in water. The session had a delayed start because of all the clogged water on the track, similar to what is happening right now, but with greater intensity. A thunderstorm was expected to hit at 6:55 pm, and it did. It was so intense that the end of the pit straight had become almost invisible on camera.

The teams had to face a damp qualifying session which made all the drivers do their best Q1 & Q2 laps on intermediate tires. Although the track had started to dry by the end of Q2, there were water patches present on many corners. This eliminated both the Aston Martins as they tried to do a lap on slicks, which did not work for Sebastian Vettel or Lance Stroll. Q3, however, saw the drivers go out on softs with Charles Leclerc clinching the pole and Sergio Perez following him up.

Fans outraged at new F1 rules that prevent racing in wet conditions

Recently, the rules in the sport have become relatively stricter with the new race directors. The rules have become more safety-oriented for F1 drivers and cars since it has become a major issue. These rules also prevent much racing in wet conditions like they are today in Singapore. Fans have been agitated about this as wet weather racing often turns out to be more exciting. Here are some of the best reactions:

@wbuxtonofficial Exactly. Unless the conditions are bordering on intermediate they just don’t start. What’s the point?

@wbuxtonofficial I get that the race directors have to have a safety first approach, but they seem excessively cautious. You can’t do this each and every time there’s rain a a race

What’s the point in having wet tyres if wet race starts are always delayed by the FIA until the track is so dry you don’t need to use them?

@wbuxtonofficial Laughable that F1 doesnt have something like NASCAR’s Air Titan 2.0 to dry the track.

@wbuxtonofficial Feels more like this is delayed so various VIPs get their grid wander

F1 returns to Singapore after 2 seasons

This is the first time since 2019 that F1 will be racing down the streets of Singapore. The race was canceled earlier due to the protective measures of the COVID-19 pandemic. The last time the lights went out, Sebastian Vettel saw his latest victory (in the Ferrari), while his teammate, Charles Leclerc followed him up on P2. Max Verstappen was the one to finish the podium.

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