When did Ashley Darby and Michael get married? RHOP couple’s relationship timeline explored as they announce split ahead of Season 7 premiere

RHOP (The Real Housewives of Potomac) couple Ashley Darby and Michael have announced their split after nearly eight years of marriage. The couple, who married on May 15, 2014, made the announcement ahead of the Season 7 premiere of RHOP.

RHOP star Ashley first announced their separation in April, indicating that the former couple “will always love and respect each other” despite calling it quits. She has now opened up to ET and talked about her separation, saying:

“I’ve shared so much about my life, about my marriage, about my family, about my motherhood journey and this is another ride on my rollercoaster, I guess.”


“Michael and I have decided to separate, and it’s a really difficult decision, but ultimately I think it is the best decision for us, because I just really am a different person than I was was when he met me.”

She admitted that the separation was anticipated, and “it’s just been piling up.” The reality star also revealed that since she is in her “prime,” joining the dating pool is definitely on her “radar” while still living with ex Michael and their sons, Dean (3) and Dylan (1), in their Arlington, Virginia, home. She said:

“I dabble here and there, to be honest, but it’s still not something — especially while I’m still living here, I just don’t think it’s the right thing to do, you know? And I can’t really give myself to anyone emotionally. I’m still pretty connected to Michael.”

Ashley even said that her ex-husband Michael “doesn’t wanna be a part of [the show] anymore,” as he is 62 years old and wants his “life back.”

Despite their separation, the former couple is co-parenting their kids. RHOP star said:

“We are operating as Dean and Dylan’s parents. We still do things as a family, so every Saturday and Sunday we’re together, we have dinner together. We have breakfast together, but conversation outside of things that pertain to the children is very small.”

RHOP couple Ashley Darby and Michael have broken up once before

Former couple Ashley Darby and Michael have been the talk of the town since their debut on the Bravo show RHOP. The other reality stars even questioned their relationship as Ashley is 29 years younger than her former husband, but despite all the highs and lows, the couple stuck together until now.

Ashley was 22 when she first saw Michael on a security camera while working at a bar. She was immediately attracted to him and landed a date with him. Speaking about her first encounter with BravoTV.com in an interview, she said:

“I was talking to my manager in the main office when I watched Michael walk in on the security camera. Sweet baby Cleatus! Even with a blurry, black and white picture, I was hooked. Love at first sight is real, y’all!”

Ashley “approached him” but couldn’t say,

“You should wife me up.”

So she came up with another plan. She enquired about a position in his company. After a few months of working there, she “gathered up the courage to ask him out for a real drink.”

Subsequently, the couple fell in love and got married in 2014. A few years after getting hitched, the couple parted ways but reconciled and went on to welcome two sons.

After nearly eight years of marriage, facing ups and downs, and cheating rumors, the couple has parted ways as they both have “different goals” for their futures.

Season 7 of RHOP premieres October 9 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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