When Will Bleach Sennen Kessen Hen Episode 1 Release Date ?

After ten years, Bleach Sennen Kessen Hen Episode 1 will be back to entertain viewers. The Bleach anime series’ season finale aired in 2012. The anime series had previously aired 16 seasons and 366 episodes. After such a long time, however, the creators have decided to give this anime series a sequel.

The anime’s next episode is due to air soon. The Thousand-Year Blood War will be covered. These events will occur after Tsukishima’s passing. The upcoming episode, however, will be the first episode in the anime’s inaugural season. According to the creators, the animation will be released in four parts. For more information about the latest episode of the anime, please see the article below!

What happened in Bleach’s previous season?

Many people were killed in the anime’s previous seasons. Due to the deaths of large numbers in the 366th episode, it seemed that there would not be a sequel. The main characters are determined to rebuild the empire. The Soul Kingdom was decimated by the previous ending.

Tsukishima and Kugo also died while protecting the world against the dark energy forces. Ichigo lost one his most important teammates in the episode before. He was forced to take revenge. Despite being free to travel around the city, the protagonist’s final season was rather sad.

Bleach Sennen Kessen Hen Episode 1 Release Date

Bleach Sennen Kessen Hen Episode 1 Release Date

Bleach Sennen Kessen Hen Episode 1, will be released on October 11, 20,22. It will be broadcast on TV Tokyo’s Japanese Broadcasting Network channel. It will also be available in English on Crunchyroll’s official website. Follow The Anime Daily to get the latest news from the manga and anime worlds!

Episode 1 of Plot of Bleach Sennen Kessen Hen

Episode 1 of Plot of Bleach Sennen Kessen Hen

Bleach Sennen Kessen Hen Episode1 will continue from Chapter468. Rukia Kuchiki will also exterminate Shinigamis to save the planet. Fans will be surprised by Ichigo’s resurrection in the next episode. Kugo’s past exploration will be the main mystery of the next series.

In the next Rukia and Ichigo episode, the ghost will be back. The adventures will be different because the Hollows still roam the city. To save humanity from the dark energy forces, these series’ protagonists will have to reappear in public. The anime will add suspense with unexpected twists and turns.

This season’s trail

https://youtu.be/qb8M9Wg1QnQBleach: Sennen Kessen-hen | Official Trailer | HD By TRAILER ANIME HD

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