When Will Netflix’s Blockbuster Release Date ?

Netflix is launching a single-camera, video-store comedy series. It’s called em Data-v-1367f986 Blockbuster. First-look photo of the ensemble comedy series’ set features Randall Park from Fresh Off the Boat and Melissa Fumero from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Netflix isn’t the first to venture into the territory of the dying video retailer. In 2020, Netflix released the Last Blockbuster, which is a documentary about Bend’s last Blockbuster video shop. The documentary follows the manager of the store for several years and discusses what led to its demise. Other interviewees included celebrities like Ron Funches and James Arnold Taylor, Jamie Kennedy, Jamie Kennedy, Brian Posehn, and Adam Brody.

When will Blockbuster release on Netflix?

Netflix has announced the release date of Blockbuster. The comedy series will be released November 3, 2022.

Who is behind Blockbuster?

Who is behind Blockbuster?

Vanessa Ramos will be leading the project for Universal TV and Netflix. Ramos is a proven producer on Superstore and a writer on other NBC shows like Crashing and Kenan. She was also a consultant producer for Netflix’s Big Mouth series.

Jackie Clarke and David Caspe also served as writers on this series. Caspe is best known for his work with KenanBlack Monday, but he also wrote the Adam Sandler flick That’s My Boy.

John Davis will be an executive producer for his Davis Entertainment company. David Entertainment was responsible for Shaft, and Is My Name.

Who is behind Blockbuster?

Jackie Clarke and David Caspe will be the executive producers, with Bridger Winegar, Robert Petrovic and Vanessa Ramos serving as co-executive producer.

Deadline reported on February 10th, that Payman-Benz has joined the board to direct four episodes (episodes 1, 2, 7, 8). This director previously worked on A.P. The director has previously worked on A.P.

Who is behind Blockbuster?

We also have the news that Aleysa Youth who previously worked on such shows as Workin’ Moms and Ginny & Georgia and Kim’s Convenience, will be directing season 1.

Katharine locke O’Brien will also be on board to direct episodes of season 1. O’Brien directed episodes of A.P. Bio, Kenan and Saved By The Bell are some of the episodes O’Brien has directed.

Blockbuster The Plot

Blockbuster The Plot

People who have seen the documentary know what to expect from this new comedy. Blockbuster Video’s last remaining store is open and employees do their best to keep it open. The documentary told the story of the movie giant’s fall, but the sitcom will probably take it and add a comedy twist.

It is not an easy task to keep the Blockbuster Video store open. As the characters face modernization, we can expect many workplace comedy tropes. An official synopsis of Deadline outlines what we can expect to see:

Netflix has compared the series with other workplace comedy shows like Superstore and Parks and Recreation. Your comedy series is compared to The Office, which sets a high standard. Let’s hope the series delivers.

Blockbuster The Plot

Netflix claims to offer a true Blockbuster experience. They even have the right to use the logo and uniforms. The show will be set in the final Blockbuster store. However, it is not clear from the promos whether it will use the actual store or if it will create a fictional one.

We can expect the series to include the real-life store since so much attention is given to the store. However, that is still speculation. As we get closer to the release date, more information and plot details are likely to be revealed.

Is Netflix’s Blockbuster series still in production?

Is Netflix's Blockbuster series still in production?

The new series was produced at the end February 2022. Filming is currently underway in Vancouver, BC Canada at Manitoba Street Studios.

According to What’s on Netflix production listings, production is expected to occur until May 2, 2022.

Melissa Fumero shared an Instagram story confirming that the series had “almost” wrapped production on May 2nd.

It’s worth watching The Last Blockbuster to prepare for the series. This movie was released on Netflix in Canada in April 2021. Lauren Lapkus narrates the doc and interviews Adam Brody and Kevin Smith with Jamie Kennedy, Samm Lee, Samm Scheer, James Arnold Taylor, Jamie Kennedy, Jamie Kennedy, Brian Posehn and Ione Skye.

Blockbuster The Cast

Blockbuster The Cast

Fresh off the Boat Randall Park leads the cast . Park’s manager Timmy Yoon, who is a movie enthusiast and a dreamer, works at the video store. He is known for his optimism and has been instrumental in keeping the store open despite all odds. Brooklyn Nine Nine‘s Melissa Fumero stars alongside Park, who plays Eliza, a mother in her 40s returning to Blockbuster after having a difficult marriage.

In The Heights actor Olga Merediz plays Connie. She is a mother figure who works at the shop with the desire not to make money but friends. American Vandal‘s Tyler Alvarez plays Carlos, a child of immigrants who learned English through watching movies. He wants to be a filmmaker but must also live the life his parents intended for him. Madeleine Arthur, a Canadian actress plays Hannah. Hannah is a sweet and naive little girl who lost her mother at a young age. Blockbuster’s coworkers become her surrogate family, and teach her valuable life lessons.

Curb your Enthusiasm‘s J.B. Smoove, Percy is the owner of the block mall that houses the Blockbuster shop. Park’s Timmy’s best friend, he is an overconfident and obnoxious man who cannot seem to avoid the video store. Kamaia Fairburn is Kayla, Percy’s smart and fearless teen daughter. Kayla is a Blockbuster employee, but she doesn’t like taking orders from anyone.

Ashley Alexander, an actress, is playing a character called Mila. Supergirl‘s Robyn Bray is playing Miranda. As we near the release date, confirmation of these characters’ stories and additional casting announcements are likely.

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Netflix’s Blockbuster Trailer

Blockbuster Official Trailer By Netflix

The first trailer for Blockbuster was released by Netflix on Oct. 7.

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