“You’re Black”: KSI, HasanAbi, Bella Poarch, and more tease Dream face reveal

Minecraft sensation Clay “Dream” has been teasing an official face reveal on social media for quite a while.

He has now started showing his face to his content creator friends via FaceTime. Prominent streamers, including Hasan “HasanAbi,” KSI, and Bella Poarch, have reacted to seeing him without his usual white smiley mask.


Dream’s imminent face reveal has generated a lot of hype. The YouTube star’s real identity has been a mystery for years, and his fans have been clamoring to know what he really looks like.

After seeing the streamer’s face without a mask for the first time, English YouTuber and Rapper KSI exclaimed:

“Oh my god. You’re Black.”

“Should’ve kept the mask on” – Bella Poarch, HasanAbi, and more react after seeing Dream’s real face

For the uninitiated, Dream took the gaming community by storm on September 23, 2022, when he announced an official face reveal. He stated that he would take his mask off and reveal his real identity to the entire world in his next YouTube video.

The YouTube sensation then teased his followers on Twitter by suggesting that he might reveal his face today (October 02, 2022).

YouTube community post (Image via Dream/YouTube)
YouTube community post (Image via Dream/YouTube)

Before officially revealing his face to the world, the streamer got in touch with numerous content creators and revealed his face to them via FaceTime.

The first content creator to share his reaction online was none other than Minecraft creator Karl Jacobs. According to him, Dream looks more like a “baseball player” and has a “handsome” face.


Trying not to reveal much about the Minecraft star in the reaction video, Jacobs noted:

“Okay, Dream is now calling me, right now on Facetime. I’m about to see his face for the first time. I’m actually nervous. All right, here it is. Oh, shoot! What the heck? You look like a baseball player. You scream baseball player to me! I’m not going to say anything based on the mullet.

“Wait, I didn’t expect what you looked like. You’re handsome. This is messed up! You’re not supposed to be attractive, people are going to be p*ssed now. Thanks a lot.”

Filipino-American singer and social media personality Bella Poarch also shared her reaction video. She reacted to the face reveal in the most hilarious way possible:

“You should’ve kept the mask on.”


Political commentator HasanAbi, on the other hand, facetimed the Minecraft sensation to get a look at his real face. He said on stream:

“Let me get Dream to facetime me before he does his like multiple million f*cking video doing a face reveal. Let me just do that. Let me just cut ahead of that right now and just do it. No, I will not be doing it… It’s happening.

“Oh dude, no dude, no dude, no dude. That’s unacceptable, that’s not acceptable. I thought you gonna be worse-looking dude no. No, no its not happening. No that’s that’s bulls*it. We’re gonna kiss at Twitcon.”


HasanAbi reassured his friend that he wouldn’t leak anything during his live broadcast. He added:

“I would not, I’m it’s like literally directly on the opposite side of the camera. I just put it on the microphone so people can hear you. All right, have a good one, good luck today. F*ck you Karl, first live reaction baby. Let’s go.”

We are just a few hours away from the much-awaited face reveal, and the hype is certainly at an all-time high.

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